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Are Jewish travellers going to enjoy Morocco?

For centuries, Muslims, Berbers, and Jewish people have populated Morocco. They all co-existed peacefully. Berbers are the indigenous people, and people with Jewish faith have been around in Morocco for centuries. Morocco was home to the largest Jewish population in the Arab world. Over 500,000 Jews lived happily in Morocco just half a century ago. Today, only 2,500 remain, but their legacy has not been forgotten.

You’ll find remnants of historical Jewish presence in Morocco. It’s not difficult to stumble upon a piece of history when roaming Casablanca, Essaouira, Marrakech, or Fes.

Another thing that’s particularly cherry for every Jewish person is Morocco’s Jewish heritage museum in the Arab world, in cosmopolitan Casablanca. There is plenty of Jewish history and heritage in Morocco. As someone with Jewish descent, you’ll love how accepting and diverse Morocco really is.

Child-friendly Morocco.

“I’m taking my 6-year-old daughter with me to Marrakech. Is there anything I should be concerned about?” Asks Jane, from Italy.

Jane from Italy, your daughter will adore Marrakech.

Not only will you bond on our Marrakech desrt tours, but you’ll also create amazing memories along the way.

Morocco is extremely child-friendly. It’s food, landscapes, numerous activities, and its people all make children feel at ease in Morocco. Moroccans are a family-oriented society. Family is a priority to every Moroccan, and them seeing kids admire their country only makes them feel more appreciated.

Do not feel alarmed when people express a friendly attitude. Locals may show some traits of affection towards your kids; caressing their hair or possibly kissing them on the cheeks. Most kids get offered sweet pastries and mint-tea for the parents.

Good? Bad? Or both?


On our Morocco desert trips, you’ll be taken care of. No matter your gender, faith, background, and preferences, you’ll have a splendid time touring through this gem of a country.

Join us and embark on a journey, full of surprises, good times, and lots of sweet, Moroccan mint tea.…



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Which family destination would you head to? 

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Mornings at desert safari Dubai:

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