Video: Mastering the GuruFocus Site, Episode 7

In the seventh installment of the “Mastering the GuruFocus Website” collection, we go in excess of where by to discover and how to use some of the functions that people often say are tough to locate, or that they did not know existed right up until lots of months after getting to be a GuruFocus person.

The collection will consist of 12 limited films (somewhere around 3 to 5 minutes every) meant to provide people with everything they need to have to know about how to navigate the GuruFocus site speedily, proficiently and to complete effect.

In the course of the collection, we have created every effort and hard work to provide answers to the queries that new people most routinely ask us about. This just isn’t a cut-and-dry manufacturer’s instruction ebook we have taken the input we have gained from GuruFocus people and utilized it to create a quick and extensive introductory collection.

Future time, we will be accomplishing a operate-down on our API functions, such as the popular Excel Add-in, as effectively as what accurately API is and how it performs. Continue to be tuned!

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Good day, welcome to GuruFocus! This is the seventh episode of “Mastering the GuruFocus Website,” a collection intended to support you learn your way all around at

In this episode, “My Portfolio, Your Portfolio,” we will be going in excess of some of the more tough-to-discover applications on the GuruFocus site, these types of as the checklists, inventory baskets and the My Portfolios aspect. These may perhaps not be the initial things that soar out to new people, but they can continue to be amazingly handy.

On the inventory summary internet pages, you can discover a tab called “checklist,” which enables you to price shares primarily based on how effectively they satisfy a established of predefined requirements. You can either create your personal list or use a single generated by someone else.

You can also discover the “baskets” aspect on this site. Dependent on Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) and Charlie Munger (Trades, Portfolio)’s strategy of placing shares into unique baskets when investigating probable investments, the baskets aspect enables people to vote on which basket a inventory falls into for them – buying, considering, investigating or not intrigued. The place to vote may perhaps be straightforward to discover, but you may perhaps not know that the baskets aspect also has a tab down below, where by you can discover the historical past of when the votes were being created.

Moreover, when you vote on a inventory working with the baskets aspect, the process mechanically adds it to a corresponding portfolio in the “My Portfolios” aspect. For example, if I vote “not intrigued” for, it will incorporate the inventory to my “not intrigued” portfolio.

If I needed to change my vote, I could do so by deleting the inventory from the “not intrigued” basket.

So, what is the “My Portfolios” aspect? This aspect allows