3 industry leaders sum up 2020


How would you sum up 2020 in just one term?


Chrissie: In one term?


Storm: [gives a little laugh]


very first thought is s***present, but obviously I just can’t say that.


Chrissie [gives a look of incredulity]


Storm: One phrase is “change.”


Tamon: The phrase that I would opt for would be “courage.”


Chrissie: “Testing.”


Storm: And why did I pick the word “change”?


Truthfully, the earth and the individuals, including myself, we are not the same


in the past several months and not even from a year ago.


Our voices now are becoming much more listened to and louder, and the accountability is larger.


Chrissie: Screening of on your own, of your resilience,


of the pressure that you set on 1 an additional, and then demonstrating up and delivering upon your guarantees.


Tamon: When you imagine


about organizations, both equally major and tiny, there was courageous measures that people today had to choose


on all fronts, sacrificing work, laying people off, producing genuinely, really tough


decisions. I feel it took a good deal of courage from a lot of men and women to do what was right


for the wellness and basic safety of us as a modern society, but then also to do what is appropriate by your loved ones.


Storm: Frequently the stories with


individuals with disability, in terms of representation and inclusiveness, it arrives from the lens of


fully abled and non-disabled individuals who are writing the tales about us. And it’s time


for us to reclaim our individual stories and, and convey that in advertising and tv and media and


technologies and in a variety of industries, because the environment is continuing to evolve as we know it.


Chrissie: This has been a calendar year that has tested


corporations, that has analyzed procedures, that has examined your unique stage of grit.


And it has been rough and it will go on to be tricky.


Tamon: It was a calendar year that


took a good deal of braveness from, really, everybody to band alongside one another and do what needed to be finished.

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