5 Things That Can Help So Your Business Is Growing

No human being is quickly satisfied, there is always something that must be achieved so that whatever is done can grow. Some of you who work as an employee may often prepare yourself better to make it easier to find a new job which can certainly make you better in the future. Not only is looking for work, for those of you who work as entrepreneurs, of course, so that business is increasingly becoming the main goal, therefore it requires innovation strategy development so that the coffers of income increase. Here are 5 things that can help your business grow:


1. Create New Innovations

If you have a business that has been running for some time, it helps you provide new innovations in the company or product that you have. Examples that you can do for example by getting a certification of a product or company. Certifications such as ISO are very useful to increase the credibility and quality of the company or product you have. If you add innovations like this in your line of business, usually the trust of customers can increase. Innovation in a business that is growing can also be done by adding value to the business that is being run. For example, now your business is engaged in selling products that produce, such as local coffee. Here you can add value that every customer who buys your coffee indirectly has helped the welfare of local farmers, so rather than having to buy expensive branded coffee, it would be better if they used local coffee.


2. Add New Products and Services

If you’ve been selling just the same products, this might be a good time to add new products or services. Stagnant products or services often make customers bored. For example, as long as you sell fabrics, to expand your business you may also expand by selling several types of fabric or even add other fabric products such as woven fabrics from the east. More newest, products or services mean the wider and greater your opportunity to reach new customers. In addition, it is better if you do not leave the product characteristic of your business. This is because there are some customers who actually prefer original products in business than new products.


3. Always Open with New Changes

When running a business, it’s better if you are open to new changes. If your business currently has a store, it’s a good idea to add locations to reach new customers. For example, now you have a restaurant that is open in the Jakarta area, if you want to grow, it is better if you expand to areas around Jakarta such as South Australia, which for some time was developing rapidly.

Besides in the form of location, you can also grow your business by adding new social media accounts or on other platforms. For example, for those of you who sell cosmetic tools through social media, you can also sell these products in online stores. We do not know about what social media accounts or new platforms, especially if they can develop in the next few years, but if one day a new platform appears it’s good if you look at the situation and market conditions. If it’s possible to sell there, why not use it?


4. Become a Supplier (Supplier) or Franchisor

It’s enough to be a seller who always picks up items and sells them to end users. If your business is growing, it’s good if you turn into a supplier, selling products in large quantities to the seller’s hands is arguably less hassle even though it demands a much higher risk. You no longer need to be tired of selling products one at a time to end users.

If the business that is being undertaken does not allow you to become a supplier of goods, you can use other means by developing a business in order to become a franchise. Of course if you want to expand your business to this point, it’s good if you get special advice from parties who understand the law better, such as a notary public so that the agreement you make for potential buyers of licenses can be clearer and in accordance with applicable law and not burdensome for both parties.

  1. Be sensitive to the growing trend

Things that must be owned by those of you who intend to develop a business are sensitive to developing trends and are good at finding loopholes so that the business can grow. Try to always be open to change, ways you can follow trends can be done by diligently reading articles on business-specific sites or seeing trends that are popular through social media accounts. The wider the channel you use to get information, the greater your chances of getting a new market.