7 Tips for Your First Trip to New York

7 Tips for First-Timers That Will Help You Explore New York City ...

New York is one of the most populous cities in the United States; it’s a travel destination that consistently dwells in the mind of many travelers. The place has earned itself an alias, the “city that never sleeps.” This is because of its never-ending buzz; whether it’s the Broadway shows, the stunning neon billboards, impeccable architectures, etcetera. With so much to do and experience, it can be quite overwhelming especially for first-time visitors.

NYC is a strategic gateway into the U.S that’s well connected with numerous cities around the world. You can fly to New York now directly from Vancouver when you use Cathay Pacific. With such conveniences, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t tour this ravishing city. 

If New York happens to be your next travel destination; here are some tips that’ll come in handy when you tour the marvelous city. 

The Best Time to Visit NYC

Choosing the perfect time to visit New York can be quite challenging. Even though there are plenty of sites to visit all year round, you should consider traveling to the city at the most convenient time. It’s also worth noting that every season is special in its own way. Winter can be snowy and cold but it’s definitely a magical period. You can visit famous attractions like the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree that normally stirs up the Christmas spirit. You’ll also fall for incredible window displays of various shopping centers around the city. In Spring, the weather is ever pleasant and Central Park’s attractive cherry blossoms trees come to life to brighten up the whole park. Summer is the ultimate favorite season among tourists due to the perfect weather. 

Find a Convenient Location to Stay

NY has numerous amazing neighborhoods, each with its own peculiar vibe as well as attractions. Choosing to reside in the outskirts will leave you fighting your way through traffic every single time you want to venture out in the city. Therefore, it’s always advisable to stay within the CBD. Manhattan is one of the most popular locations for many visitors with the Bronx and Brooklyn being great alternatives.

Try the Street Foods

New York is a famous culinary destination and is home to many Michelin star restaurants. The eateries offer aromatic and mouth-watering foods you wouldn’t want to miss. Since you’ll spend most of your time walking, there’s no need to worry about your calorie intake. Thus, venture out to some tasty street foods including tamales, pupusas, falafel, lumpia, and shawarma. Also, don’t forget to take a bite of Maine lobster rolls, they’re utterly sumptuous. 

Public Transportation

Given the heavy traffic prevalent in NY, the subway is one of the fastest means of transportation. Taking the subway as a first-time visitor can be quite intimidating; however, it can also be a great way to experience life like the locals. What’s more, you can also catch a live performance in the various subways stations as they’re commonly loved by budding musicians.

Be Cautious of Petty Crimes 

New York is a relatively safe city with a very responsive police department. Still, you should always be on the lookout for pickpockets when roaming in the city. While there’s no apparent reason for being paranoid about boarding taxis, it’s worth noting that some taxi drivers do have a habit of swindling tourists. Other than that, you should expect to have a great time on your trip. 

Pack Comfortable Shoes

One of the most exciting ways to experience the city is through walking. Inasmuch as NY is large in size, most attractions are easily accessible on foot. Pedestrian pathways and cobalt streets are made differently; in order to avoid foot injuries such as blisters and soars, you should consider packing a pair of comfortable shoes. 

You Can’t Do Everything and that’s OK

Given the sheer size of the city, bundled with a plethora of attractions, it’s quite apparent that you won’t be able to explore it on a single trip. Having this in mind will actually give you the liberty to fully traverse the areas you’ve chosen to visit, without being weighed down by the guilt of not venturing out enough. 

Among the top five travel destinations for many travelers, New York always features in that list. The city is dynamic in nature and implementing the above tips will guarantee you a trip of a lifetime.