A Fun Secretaries Day Party

You should never forget to celebrate Secretaries Day. This day commemorates all the hard work your office assistant and many others around the world have put in to keep you on time, organized and up-to-date on the job. Though this holiday’s name is a little out of date it is still important to remember and in some places looked forward by many assistants.

There are several ways to celebrate Secretaries Day. Some places simply find that a small appreciative gift works best to show your employee that you are aware of their hard work and would like to honor him or her for it. Other places hold a small office party to give everyone a chance to relax a little bit in the office environment.

If you want to hold an office party, put together some decorations, and get some good food to put in the break room. Don’t forget to get everyone involved in the celebration with some fun and silly office appropriate games. You can throw together an office relay or have an office scavenger hunt.

As far as decorations are concerned you can easily find Secretaries Day themed items and paper goods to use. Pick up some additional party favors to give out to all of your employees. They can be mini glowsticks, light up drink glasses, fun paper weights or personalized pens and pencils for the office or home.

Food is important for your party. Don’t wimp out and just pick up a box of stale donuts. Think about getting some great party food for the event. A giant sub sandwich makes an impression and will feed a lot of people. Pizza is a classic favorite and you can get several different kinds for your guests. Make sure you have plenty of trash bags on hand to clean up the party afterwards.

Have fun!

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