Alex Guffey’s New Book ‘My Wheels in the World’ is an Indulging Adventure of a Man and His Bicycle, His Greatest Life Companion

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updated: Aug 26, 2021 06:00 EDT

Fulton Books creator Alex Guffey, a reserve collector, an entertainment business employee, an adept author who also enjoys riding his bicycle has accomplished his most latest guide “My Wheels In The Globe”: a interesting journal about a man’s passion for using his bicycle that gets an extension of his lifestyle from all the remarkable riding adventures.

Guffey shares, “My Wheels in the Environment is nonfiction, but it is a lot much more than that. It is a true account. This guide entails my lifetime activities with my bicycle: where I have gone, what I have performed, who I have ridden with, and all my adventures to this day I have savored with my bike. It speaks of how it is truly my best passion and the just one detail I devote most of my time doing and how a lot I enjoy it. It describes how my bicycle is so considerably extra than just a possession. It is a tale about how my bicycle is a component of my lifestyle and has, possibly, even outlined my life and is an extension of who I am as a human being. This e book tells of inner thoughts and emotions and combines the items I appreciate most: driving my bicycle and crafting about it.”

Posted by Fulton Guides, Alex Guffey’s book is an encouraging go through that motivates persons to go after some actions they appreciate carrying out for the one particular shot at lifetime they get. It allows them to have extra of the passionate feelings that make them feel alive and know on their own for their self-achievement.

Viewers who would like to experience this meaningful perform can order “My Wheels In The Environment” at bookstores everywhere, or on the internet at the Apple iTunes Keep, Amazon, Google Enjoy or Barnes & Noble.

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