An Interactive Snapshot of Thailand Tourism

Thailand has seen a rapid growth in tourism over the last couple of decades. It has become a popular destination for international tourists. Pristine Islands & beaches, wealth of historical gems, cultural extravaganzas and an ever-developing sex industry in Thailand attract millions of backpackers each year. Tourism is now a prominent segment of nation’s fast-growing economy proving it a large employment and generating a good amount of foreign earnings. By the way, tourism in Thailand turned popular around 1960s. A dramatic rise in the number of foreign visitors was witnessed at that point of time – from 30,000-40,000 annually in 1950s to around 2, 50,000 in 1962. This number rose to double by 1970 and continued to go up with scorching pace to reach at 6 million by 1994 and around 14 million by 2008.

There are several reasons behind this remarkable growth of tourism. The foremost one is of course Thailand’s natural beauty. This Southeast Asian nation is extremely beautiful with almost all facets of nature being present here. Apart from that, cultural and spiritual bounties have also been alluring components of Thai tourism. Also, faster means of communication and accessibility of all modern ambiences are some other fuelling elements. Today, all major airlines provide services to Thailand.

Earlier, tourists to Thailand started their trip with a Bangkok visit and were confined to just the southern region of the country. They visited Bangkok’s gleaming temples, the Chao Phraya River and the tribe villages of Chiang Mai. In mid-1970s, tourists started to venture beyond Bangkok and Chaing Mai, and began approaching the tropical islands like Ko Samui and Phuket along with some historical sites of Sukhothai. Later on, some exotic destinations like Pattaya became the hub of fun-loving travelers. By 1990s, trekking through the hills of Northern Thailand after exploring the greenery of Chiang Rai has also been included in Thailand itinerary. Now the average stay in Thailand is around 10 day that is more than twice of what it was in 1960s. People on tour packages Thailand travel far beyond Bangkok and its nearby regions.

With tourism constantly adding to Thailand’s economical well-being, the nation has been trying to maintain and increasing the number of international travelers. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has recently called for the promotion of eco-tourism in the country. Apart from that, various modern facilities including hotels, resorts, and restaurants have been established to provide the guest with ultimate comfort and relaxation. Ayurvedic treatments and massage therapies are some additional gems for the visitors. Today, many tour companies offer tour packages Thailand to help travelers plan their trip properly. However, one can get a customized Bangkok tour package, if he wants to visit Bangkok and the nearby regions. Online availability of such packages makes it easy to reserve a suitable deal well in advance.

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