Apr 19, 2021 – Axonics Inc (AXNX) COO Rinda Sama Sold $4.4 million of Shares

COO of Axonics Inc (30-Calendar year Fiscal, Insider Trades) Rinda Sama (insider trades) bought 75,000 shares of AXNX on 04/16/2021 at an ordinary cost of $59.08 a share. The full sale was $4.4 million.

Axonics Inc has a current market cap of $2.44 billion its shares ended up traded at about $58.670000 with and P/S ratio of 19.55.

Administrators and Officers Current Trades:

  • COO Rinda Sama sold 75,000 shares of AXNX stock on 04/16/2021 at the ordinary cost of $59.08. The selling price of the inventory has lessened by .69% considering the fact that.

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