Belal Hamideh Law: Contracting COVID-19 at Work Qualifies for Workers Compensation

Press Release

updated: Mar 13, 2020

Belal Hamideh Regulation, a personal personal injury legal professional in Extended Beach, advises personnel that, need to they agreement the coronavirus (COVID-19) whilst on the job, they would qualify for workers’ compensation thanks to viral/poisonous exposure. 

As of this producing, Los Angeles County now has forty confirmed COVID-19 cases. That variety is, unfortunately, probable to rise. This illness is remarkably contagious and can unfold very easily from individual to individual. Across The united states, several providers have encouraged their personnel to work from house so as to stop the unfold of the virus. 

For many years, Belal Hamideh Regulation has assisted personnel who have dealt with poisonous exposures or other sorts of injuries at work. They have been in a position to get personnel compensation in the variety of medical treatment reimbursement, momentary disability positive aspects, long term disability positive aspects, and other individuals. 

“Hopefully, the COVID-19 outbreak stops, but it’s totally attainable it rages on for some time. If you believe that you’ve gotten it from work, then it’s significant that you get workers’ compensation. With any luck ,, a lot more businesses realize that the best system of action for their providers as properly as their staff is to allow a lot more of them work from house. Having said that, the staff will have to be in a position to confirm that they acquired the coronavirus at work in order to get workers’ compensation positive aspects. It could be hard to confirm you contracted the coronavirus at work as opposed to outside of work, in which caseworkers compensation would not address. We’re below to assistance any one who’s contracting the virus just from performing their work opportunities.” reported Belal Hamideh. 

According to the CDC, the signs could seem anywhere from two to fourteen days after exposure. They commonly manifest as delicate to intense respiratory sickness which includes problems breathing, cough, and fever.

For a lot more info about contracting coronavirus at work, workers’ compensation, or to make a push inquiry, contact Belal Hamideh Regulation at (888) 277-6122 111 W. Ocean Blvd #424 Extended Beach, CA 90802.

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