Best Tourist Places in Dubai

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Must Visit these places in Dubai if you are traveling Dubai in 2019…

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time you will be hypnotized by the tall towers, lovely beaches like Kite Beach and magnificent shopping mall like Dubai Mall etc, notwithstanding the city’s rich culture and conventions. In any case, that is not all, we wager there’s likely a ton of shocking spots you don’t know about in Dubai. Before planning the visit check out these best place in Dubai you need to visit.

1) The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest shopping mall on the planet. It houses various brand outlets and is the most visited spot on earth, pulling in a larger number of individuals than New York’s Times Square, Niagara Falls and Los Angeles. Location Downtown Dubai

What you can do here:

  • Shopping and eating at the best eateries
  • Visiting the amusement park, VR Park
  • Watching movies at 22 cinema screens
  • Getting scared by Hysteria, the spooky house
  • Watching the Dubai Creek Tower 3D animation, a model of the under-development Dubai Creek Tower
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2) Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

This Aquarium is a Huge water tank, with a 11m tallness, 20m width and 51m length. It is loaded up with 10,000,000 liters of water and contains around 140 types of thousands of amphibian animals. With respect to the Underwater Zoo, it houses dazzling ocean animals including penguins, water rodents, ocean ponies, crabs, jellyfish, and even piranhas. There’s likewise the shocking King Croc, which is viewed as the world’s biggest reptile with a scary 5-meter-long body weighing over 750kg.

Entry fees (Tickets)

3) Dubai Ice Rink

This Olympic-sized skating territory offers a good time for individuals all things considered, giving stimulation that bends over as a game and a social hotspot. This Olympic-sized skating territory offers a good time for individuals everything being equal. Location : The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai

What Activities you can do here

  • Open skating sessions
  • Disco skating sessions
  • Free-form skating sessions
  • IceBykes
  • Dubai Snowfall

4) Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Souk is the Arabic word that means “showcase”. This customary market offers every one of the staples of Middle Eastern shopping in a vintage style. There’s a blend of top of the line brands and boutiques alongside rural Middle Eastern shops.

This conventional market offers every one of the staples of Middle Eastern shopping in a vintage style.

Activities you can Do here

Jewellery and Gifts

Photograph opportunity with a hawk

Eating at Restaurants

5) Jumeirah Mosque

Notwithstanding not being the biggest mosque in the UAE, this Fatimid-style mosque is viewed as a milestone of Dubai and is available to Muslim and non-Muslim guests. For a little expense, one can visit the Jumeirah Mosque and find out about the traditions of love and pose any inquiries with respect to Islam. Else, one can essentially make the most of its design magnificence all things considered. Activities

  • Pray
  • Go on tours to enjoy the beauty of the building and listen to stories about Islam (especially for non-Muslims)

6) Jumeirah Beach Residence

JBR is one of the must-visit puts in Dubai. While it is a standout amongst the best private spots to remain, it is likewise one of the most sultry spots for vacationers. Visit the waterfront strip, The Walk. It resembles an open shopping center with shops, style outlets, boutiques and spring up business sectors. Here you can rent Holiday Homes Dubai if you are planning to stay in JBR

It is one of the most sizzling spots for travelers. Location: JBR is situated close to the Dubai Marina.

Activities you can Do here

  • Go for a walk along The Walk and investigate The Beach shopping center
  • Unwind at the JBR shoreline
  • Eat at in the open air eateries and bistros
  • Take a camel ride on the shoreline
  • Take a free yoga class
  • Drink in the sky at the Flying Cup
  • Challenge yourself at the Floating Obstacle Course
  • Appreciate road workmanship

7) Burj Khalifa

This is the tallest building on the earth, do we have to state more? Burj Khalifa takes off 828 meters high, with its cutting edge, yet Islamic-propelled structure. It is home to cafés, private units, the world’s most elevated pool on Level 76 and the most noteworthy perception deck on the planet at a stunning 555 meters offering the best perspectives on Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa takes off 828 meters high, with its advanced, yet Islamic-enlivened plan. Location: Downtown Dubai, alongside The Dubai Mall

Activities and attractions

  • View the Armani Hotel which boasts a unique design and a cosy atmosphere, yet is classy and luxurious.
  • Go swimming in the four pools.
  • View the Dubai Fountain with the beautiful water animation displays

8) Wild Wadi Water Park

Looking for some fun and adventure? Wild Wadi Water Park is the appropriate response. It has various water amusements and slides that the two grown-ups and kids can enjoy. The Wild Wadi Water Park has various water amusements and slides. Location: Alongside Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah. Activities you can do here

  • Enjoy various slides and fake waves
  • Have Fun with water weapon recreations for youngsters

9) Dubai Marina

A residential area themed around a marina, Dubai Marina includes a few lavish lodgings, fine and easygoing feasting cafés, and the Dubai Marina Mall. Dubai Marina includes a few lavish lodgings, fine and easygoing eating eateries, and the Dubai Marina Mall. Location Inverse Jumeirah Beach Residence, off Shaikh Zayed Road

Activities you can do here

  • Shopping at the Dubai Marina Mall
  • Appreciate a yacht voyage
  • Zip line from JBR to Marina
  • Appreciate eateries at the Marina Walk

How to get to Dubai Marina

Dubai Metro: DMCC Metro Station and Damac can take you to Dubai Marina.

10) Mall of the Emirates

A shopping mall with hundreds of shops, including luxury outlets, over 100 restaurants and cafes, and around 7000 parking spaces.

11) Ski Dubai

An indoor, 22,500 square metre area for skiing, which maintains the temperature at 1 degree Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius.

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