Blackbird BI Launches Revolutionary Online Oil and Gas Production Forecasting Tool

Microsoft Energy BI can make having solutions from details uncomplicated and speedy.

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up to date: Jun 8, 2021 19:45 EDT

Blackbird BI, LLC nowadays declared the availability of its showcased Electric power BI info visualization device called Oil and Gas Creation Forecast Eventualities. This groundbreaking new resource delivers comprehensive situation capabilities and an unparalleled county-level watch of creation from horizontal as properly as from vertical wells. This on the net knowledge report combines historic month-to-month creation for about 650 counties with 10 forecast scenarios to assistance users gauge hazard and likelihood of result.

“The reason of Blackbird BI is to easily make feeling of the huge quantities of oil and gasoline info that marketplace individuals battle with each day,” said Ben MacFarlane, President at Blackbird BI. “Not only do we present an remarkable source for the oil and gas field to better fully grasp how rig action impacts output at a county level, but we’re also capable to give it at a portion of what it would price from other providers.”

Essential features of the Blackbird BI details system:

  • Promptly see the trends and forecast assumptions driving U.S. oil and gasoline generation.
  • Examine foundation declines faster than your opposition with Blackbird’s Zero Rig case.
  • Simply uncover counties and scenarios with the most advancement about the future five years.
  • See permits, rig counts, very well commences, IP fees, decline curves, GORs and extra.

“Very clear assumptions and state of affairs analysis are very important for fantastic setting up, and we’re enthusiastic to aid technique analysts, business development, sector analysts and even executives analyze information quick and rapidly,” reported MacFarlane. To see a use situation movie or ask for a demo of how this new instrument can supply you with a powerful view of oil and gas generation, go to

About Blackbird BI, LLC

Blackbird BI is an electricity-analytics organization committed to driving transparency in oil and fuel markets in an simple, strong, and affordable way. What we do is enhance business intelligence by supporting analysts and executives get answers from info. How we do it is by leveraging Microsoft’s Electrical power BI for major-edge know-how at off-the-shelf pricing. The rationale we do it is because info analysis is important for companies, but it has been way too tricky and way too high priced for far too very long.

Get in touch with: Ben MacFarlane, Blackbird BI President, (970) 231-9159, [email protected]

Resource: Blackbird BI, LLC

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