What to look for when shopping for RV covers? This is what you need to know!

You have gone about travelling in your RV for the past couple of months, creating wonderful memories with your friends and family. However, there comes a point when the the RV has to into hibernation till it is time for it be used again some other seasons. In order to make sure is well protected throughout the entire time it is going to be in storage, it is highly important that you take the necessary precautions to facilitate that. One of the things you can do, is to get a proper RV cover. While you may believe that your trailer is very sturdy and will be okay in the garage, you will be surprised how the wear and tear process can accelerate if you don’t do your part. Here are some things that could happen if you are not wary:

  • If the RVs are left out in the open, they will be exposed to the harmful UV rays which will cause the paint to dull out gradually. Moreover, other parts of the RVs exterior like the windshield could also begin to oxidize if it is left out in the sun for long periods of time which will compromise its durability.
  • An uncovered RV also means that it will be exposed to other types of environmental degradation such as bird droppings, rain, dust and debris and a lot more. All of this could cause major negative impacts on the exterior of the RV leaving it with multiple scratches and even dents.
  • Such effects will add up which could potentially be detrimental to the exterior of the RV, and in turn the value of the vehicle in case you have to sell it later on.

Now that you are aware of the importance of keeping your RV protected, it is time for you to look into the types of covers you can get for your RV. But before you do that, you should also know each of the different features of an RV cover so you know exactly which one to get for your own https://www.carcover.com/rv-covers.html depending on the make and also the environmental factors of where you live.


  1. What is the size of the cover ideal for your RV?

Not all our RVs are of the same size and make, so you will be needing to have that into consideration before you buy a cover. There are different sizes that the covers come in, such as universal fits and custom fits. We usually advise our buyers to purchase the custom fit covers by measuring all the dimensions of the RV. This will guarantee that your cover fits your RV perfectly like a glove. You should also take the measurements yourself, instead of relying on the dimensions given on the RV manual because sometimes those are not accurate. The custom fit covers will cost a bit extra compared to the universal fit ones, but they will be worth the money because of how sturdy they will be. But if you want something …

How to Find and Use Online Travel Discount Codes

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When purchasing goods or service online, you may sometime find websites or merchants offering you a promo code or coupon code for your purchase. This computer-generated code which consists of a unique set of numbers, letters or even a combination of both is given to customers and it guarantees them a discount when they make a purchase and input the code on the checkout page. Promo codes are used in a variety of sectors including transport and tourism. If you purchase tickets online, you might be given travel discount codes which help to lower the cost of your purchase and reduce your travel expenses.

Types of Online Promo Codes

Typically, online promo codes offer users a discount on their purchases. These discounts can come in various forms ranging from fixed discounts where a fixed amount is deducted from your entire purchase cost or percentage amount where a discount of a certain percentage off the entire cost of your purchase is given. Promo codes, especially on purchased goods, can also be in the form of free shipping. Basically, the type of discount your travel discount code gives you when you use it depends entirely on the merchants. There might also be terms and conditions that qualifies you to use a code.   

There are also various types of promotional codes based on how openly and readily available and accessible they are. Based on this criterion we have:

•    Public codes

Public online promo codes are accessible for anyone and everyone. They are targeted mainly at new customers but can also be used to entice previous buyers to come back and shop for more.

•    Private codes

As the name implies, private codes are not for everyone. They are targeted at specific individuals; typically loyal customers as a record of buying travel tickets in the past. They provide special shopping opportunities. First-time shoppers can also get private codes as a way to convert them into loyal customers and keep them coming back.

•    Restricted codes

Restricted codes are typically targeted as a single customer or a very small group of users. They can be used just once after which the code becomes invalid. Restricted codes can be sent to customers for a delayed or defective product or services. Restricted codes are also sent to customers on special occasions or for completing a challenge.

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Why do merchants offer travel discount codes

As expected, the basic reason why travel ticket merchants offer coupon codes is for it to serve as an incentive for shoppers to purchase tickets from them. In most cases, an online travel discount coupon isn’t placed directly on the website of the merchant you are buying from. Instead, it is used as part of their marketing efforts and the codes are embedded within their affiliate programs. Some also add the discount code within newsletters, introduction emails and retail blogs and so on. Studies have shown that customers like the idea of using a coupon than when they get a gift or …

Electronic Travel Authorization: Who are affected by this New Regulation?

A British grandparent misses their grandchild’s first birthday party in Ontario. A stand-up comedian did not make it to his Toronto gig. Canadians that have dual citizenship are now facing logistical problems when they try to go back home for the holidays.

In every case mentioned above, Canada’s electronic travel authorization or the eTA policy, which is just recently implemented, is getting all the heat. Citizens of at least 50 countries who can visit Canada before without obtaining a visa are now required to complete an electronic screening before they are allowed to enter the country, or even board the plane going to Canada.  Visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Canada to know more about the visa policy of Canada.

There are new travel requirements that keep people out of Canada to visit their friends and families over the holidays. A lot of people who are regularly visiting Canada don’t realize that the law and regulation when it comes to immigration.

Who are the people affected by the electronic travel authorization?

The eTA or electronic travel authorization is an online pre-screening process for people from at least 50 countries all over the world that can enter Canada by air without a vise. It includes countries like the European Union, Australia, Japan, and many more. It is supposed to help the government catch people who are considered as a security risk or people who stay in Canada longer than what is legal.

These people do not go through the formal screening process required by the government to those visitors that need to get a visa. It is essentially a pre-screening of visa-exempt visitors who might not have screening done to them. A lot of people that regularly travel to Canada are caught by surprise by this new rule.

American citizens are exempted from this AVE Canada. Electronic travel authorization only impacts travelers coming to Canada by plane. People traveling by sea or land are not affected by this new rule.

Is this a new program by the Canadian government?

The eTA program took effect on March 15, 2016, but after the travel industry of Canada voiced their concerns about the lack of information dissemination in regards the new requirements, the government allowed some grace period. Immigration officials started requiring the travelers to apply for an authorization in November the same year.

Does the program affect travelers that are Canadian citizens?

The new program will not affect Canadian citizens that use their passports when they are traveling. Canadians, as well as permanent residents, do not need to apply for an eTA or electronic travel authorization to get back home. Canadian citizens are not qualified to apply for one.

But there are dual citizens or people who are holding Canadian citizenship as well as citizenship from other countries, faced some issues when using their passports to travel. When they try to visit Canada using their foreign passport, airport officials will require them to show an eTA. But the problem is, they can’t apply for one since Canadian …