#ClimateChangeisPersonal: Our Climate Voices Launches a Campaign in Climate Justice Storytelling

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current: Sep 26, 2020 16:35 EDT

Climate justice is a deeply personalized problem. Anyone has tales about the approaches climate improve and climate grief now influence their lives. Which is why Our Climate Voices (OCV) is launching its #ClimateChangeIsPersonal marketing campaign on Sept. 30. This marketing campaign is an invitation to share personalized and intersectional climate tales with the #ClimateChangeIsPersonal and #ClimateJusticeIs___ hashtags, initiating collective dialogue about what climate justice means in people’s lives. It is a get in touch with to share the real truth about how climate improve is affecting communities and to highlight that climate improve isn’t just soaring sea concentrations and animal extinctions. It is also Black neighborhoods struggling from a historical past of environmental racism it’s ever more intensive heat waves that threaten the lives of people today with bronchial asthma it’s our small children currently being compelled to inherit the environmental disaster that their technology did not create. Sign up for OCV in its motion to raise consciousness about the personalized impacts of climate improve. No a single is by yourself in this fight and, via collective action, absolutely everyone can make a big difference. 

#ClimateChangeIsPersonal is grounded in the real truth that to have a climate-just globe, it demands liberation from all oppressions. This marketing campaign will guidance and deliver mild to the intersectional character of the a lot of systemic injustices that communities encounter. OCV wants its companions, followers, and collaborators to share the approaches climate improve is personalized, as persons with intersecting identities, histories, and truths. #ClimateJusticeIs…









The connections amongst climate justice and the a lot of actions for liberation, sovereignty, resistance, and collective treatment are deeply rooted. The success of the climate motion is indebted to these actions and intimately tied to their success. 

OCV urgently invites people today to use the hashtags #ClimateChangeIsPersonal and #ClimateJusticeIs___to share their climate story with their liked types, regional community newspapers, social media networks, leaders and policy-makers. OCV will be on the lookout for and sharing all of these tales on OCV social media platforms. OCV needs you. The globe demands to sense/comprehend/accept the intensely personalized impacts of climate improve. Sign up for OCV in this transformative and important climate justice action by sharing a story about how #ClimateChangeIsPersonal. 

About Our Climate Voices:  The mission of Our Climate Voices is to humanize the climate catastrophe via storytelling, add to a shift in the climate improve dialogue that places the voices of people most impacted at the forefront of the dialogue, and connect people today with approaches to guidance the community-centered climate remedy-earning perform that frontline and susceptible communities are presently accomplishing to fight climate impacts.

Source: Our Climate Voices

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