Columbus Day Holiday Fun Party Ideas For Celebrating the New World

Nostalgia in America is increasing, meaning that holidays like Columbus Day are as relevant as ever to Americans. The discovery of our great nation by Christopher Columbus along with the rest of the Americas is an occasion worth celebrating. Interestingly, we are not alone in our celebration of this day – several Latin American nations celebrate the 12th of October as the day of discovery and rejoice in it. From 1492 to this day, it is a date that comes to mind as the birth of our land.

Like any historical celebration, there are lessons that can be learnt and remembered when you think of the significance of Columbus Day. However, a nation like ours, built on tolerance and open to immigrants to this day, is worthy of a party. Have a fall party with plenty of remembrances from the glorious past. Think of the New World, its wilderness and beauty, in order to decorate your home. Bring in a few potted plants and put on candles. Dress in period clothes if you have or can rent any.

Ask your friends to play along with the theme. Include your kids because it’s a holiday they will love and grow to appreciate. Offer traditional but simple food, so that you can join in the Columbus Day party as well.

Columbus Day is an occasion that deserves to be marked with a party. Having fun with loved ones is definitely time well spent. With a few ideas, you can plan a party that will well and truly be remembered.

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