Everything You Should Know About Wildlife Conservation With Vetpaw


Protecting wildlife does not only mean spending plenty of time so that some endangered species can survive in this particular ecosystem. The main idea is that maintaining the diversity of species; we are protecting ourselves as well.

For instance, Africa is one of the best and wealthiest places filled with wildlife. However, some of them are facing extinction, and that may cause problems in the future. We are talking about specific species such as Ethiopian wolf, Gravy’s zebra and mountain gorilla among others.

The best ways to protect the population from the decline is to create both off and on-ground safeguards that including sniffer dogs and rangers that will reduce poaching and wildlife criminals and traffickers.

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The idea is to maintain it inside its natural habitat, which is why international, national, and local communities have to agree on preservation methods so that natural resources can remain stable as time goes by.

In this special protection equation, it is highly relevant to include people, because they are the one affecting the overall balance. 

Have in mind that wildlife tends to function in cooperation with local communities and nations, but the rise in population requires more space as well as freshwater, which affects nature that surrounds us.

We have to learn to live together with both outside and inside the protected area so that we can develop a healthy future for our grandchildren.

The Survival of Wildlife Depends On People


It does not matter whether people are attacking livestock or poaching so that they can earn a profit; the main problem that affects environment around us is lousy relationship between nature and humankind.

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We tend to grow in numbers, which is something we have mentioned above, and as infrastructure and industry are developing, we tend to neglect the natural balances, and that is something that should be our priority. 

Stop with Illegal Wildlife Trade

One of the biggest problems that humankind creates in the preserved ecosystems is illegal hunting and trading that includes killing endangered species for profit. It is essential to stop the slaughter, especially in protected areas, because that will lead to further decline.

The best way to do it is to completely destabilize the international trade that affected the overall population in the previous years. 

It is also vital to combat wildlife trafficking and implement prosecution regulations that will reduce the number of criminals wanting to earn money from something that may affect our future.

Reasons for poaching could be diverse from killing protected animals as the souvenirs to using ivory from rhinos and elephants as jewelry or traditional medication in some cultures. 

However, that affects the overall ecosystem, and when one species fails; it is just a matter of time when others will follow the same way.

The best possible strategy for securing the wild ecosystem is a personal affiliation with it and direct fight against poachers and people that are affecting it through industries. We can fight against it by implementing regulations that will reduce issues such as:

  • Equipping Wildlife Law Enforcement With Enough Knowledge To Stop Poaching and Crimes – The first step in the process of protection is to train law enforcement to use anti-poaching equipment with an idea to prevent the killings especially in protected areas. At the same time, they need to have appropriate knowledge of illegal wildlife trade so that they can avoid the demand, especially in major airports and seaports in Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. They need to have large sniffer dogs as well as handling teams that will stop the products such as pangolin scales, rhino horn, and ivory smuggling because that also affects the number of killed wildlife. Therefore, law enforcement has to implement the latest training strategies that will allow them to fight for the nature that surrounds us.

The best way to learn more on how to preserve environment that surrounds you is by entering this site: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/wildlife_protection/index.cfm?redirect.

  • Community Empowerment – The another significant step in creating the perfect nature is to conduct free classes and training in which communities will learn how to work together and by themselves and protect natural habitat as well as wildlife. Our education is crucial, and it can help us reduce the conflict between humankind and wilderness by implementing projects that will develop management and conservancies in protected areas.