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For a true “Out of Africa” experience, head to Tsavo – LFT

We stayed in a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.  But that is not seriously the start off of our journey.  It actually commenced in Mombasa and finding picked up by our guide/driver Sammy.  He will be with us for the upcoming 6 days from Mombasa to Tsavo to Amboseli Nationwide Park and then on to Nairobi.  Sammy is helpful, easy to chat to and proficient about not just mammals but about all the birds that we are seeing.  This was especially significant to Kati who loves to photograph all the birds in Africa.  It took us a few of hours to get to our lodge in Tsavo East and the time went by speedily.

We stayed at Satao Camp and were being blessed enough to get the tent closest and experiencing a pretty well known water gap.  Like watching “Animal TV”, in excess of the future couple of days and nights we saw herds of elephants, antelope, giraffes, hippos and warthogs wander out of the bush and come to this waterhole.  This was the commence of our experience, and we were being joyful to be back again in Africa.


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1 of the quite a few lions we came on viewing, ready and savoring the sunset.

Why Tsavo?

Tsavo is the location the place there were two guy-eating lions roamed and ate more than 100 people in 1898 as depicted in the movie The Ghost and the Darkness starring Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas.  Tsavo East is the biggest recreation park in Kenya, and it was a alternative we had to make: Tsavo East or Tsavo West.  We chose Tsavo East mostly for the reason that of Satao Camp, and we are delighted we did.  Over the following 4 times we observed lions just after a kill, the crimson elephants of Tsavo, hippos, giraffes, and a leopard in a tree with its eliminate.  The landscape was surreal.  Dusty and dry, Tsavo wanted the rains.  But they under no circumstances came when we were there.  We also observed The Serious Africa, like the a single explained by Isak Dinesen’s e book Out of Africa.


Set out in the middle of the bush, our camp and the h2o hole were flawlessly located for the match drives and to see a multitude of animals coming and heading from miles away to drink. We could practical experience the pleasure of the elephants coming around a ridge and looking at the h2o gap.  Herds of zebra and antelope.  We even experienced a genet in the dining room that came a single night time on the lookout for food stuff.  With the fire roaring, we ate tasty food for breakfast, lunch and supper and had sport drives most mornings and evenings.  We had a complete working day game drive on 1 of the days and it proved amazing as we noticed 5 lions on a hunt, and then they came and sat down.  We ended up so close as they relaxed, slept and saved vigil.  This was an outstanding experience and we definitely felt that we discovered The Genuine Africa.



This was why we arrived back to Africa.  It did not have the multitude of animals like Masai Mara, but it experienced the look and come to feel of a authentic African journey.  Really don’t get me incorrect, if there was one particular position, I would suggest viewing the Huge 5 it would be the Masai Mara or to knowledge the Fantastic Migration.  But we have been hunting for a little something distinct.  A little something that I experienced not expert considering that I lived in Africa. Anything that was fully sudden.  And Tsavo delivered.



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A herd of Zebras looking to lastly get a drink in the dry and dusty savannah.

An Unbelievable Journey

This was the fourth time Kati and I have been to Kenya.  We have also explored Uganda and Egypt, and I have lived for over 4 years in Zimbabwe and almost a 12 months in South Africa.  We have also traveled to Cape Verde, Botswana, and Morocco, so we are not strangers to the African continent. But this time we required anything distinct.  We needed an “Out of Africa” journey loaded with animals, tented camps and wonderful surroundings.  And we acquired just that.

With our tent, beautifully decorated with outdated Africa furnishings and overlooking the drinking water gap, we had been in a position to view animals from a couple of kilometers absent touring by way of the dusty bush.  The apparent pleasure that elephants practical experience when at last viewing the h2o maintain was outstanding.  They would get started to trot, flapping their ears practically with smiles on their faces.  Major Tuskers, mothers with their younger, and solitary bulls all arrived and went. We never ever drained of it.

In the evenings, Impala crammed the camp when jackals had been on the prowl.  Hippos left the h2o hole and went to graze all night returning in the early morning and elephants took in excess of.  Zebra, h2o buck and giraffe all visited.  And there was a genet who would arrive into the eating area searching for something to consume right before heading again into the bush.

From our tent and all over the camp we also observed owls, eagles and oryx.

This all happened before we even remaining for a recreation travel.  This was a nightly occurrence as we lie in mattress observing the animals occur and go in front of us.  It was incredible.

There were quite a few camps to select from in Tsavo, but we selected Satao Camp.  It gave us that good adventure and “Out of Africa” feeling, and the price tag was superior.  We discovered the Authentic Africa and will return listed here in the potential.

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The view from our tent overlooking the drinking water gap.

Sport Drives

We experienced two non-public video game drives a working day set up.  Each in the early morning and night.  Sammy our guidebook advised we take just one working day and go further into the park and invest the day.  Satao Camp ready a lunch box for us and we established out on our journey.  Tsavo was exceptionally dry and dusty.  The pink earth filled with air as we seemed for the iconic African animals.  Sammy was outstanding and well-informed about all the animals, the park, birds and exactly where to go for the most effective sights.  A person of the finest elements of Tsavo is that it is uncrowded, and we were nearly by yourself most of the time we have been there.

The closing working day, as we have been almost out of the park, on the lookout for a cheetah, we heard that there was a leopard in a tree with its destroy.  Sammy asked if we required to go back.  Of program we did!  A leopard in a tree?  That was on my want listing for a lengthy time.  Owning witnessed 4 leopards beforehand, they were being all on the ground I truly needed to see a leopard with a eliminate up in a tree.

We raced to exactly where it was and by the time we bought there, the leopard still left the tree.  But as we bought discouraged, Sammy stated he spotted it in a different tree.  It experienced climbed up to maintain an eye on his destroy, and there he was.  Sammy noticed it and we were overjoyed as we snapped pictures. Sammy was a fantastic tutorial loaded with understanding and keen to share.  We beloved paying our time with him and had been unfortunate when we remaining him in Nairobi.

For a true "Out of Africa" experience, head to Tsavo

Finally we located the Leopard in a tree. He experienced his destroy in a nearby tree and saved look at.

Our Remaining Phrase

Following 4 outstanding times, we experienced to say goodbye to Tsavo.  It was crammed with legendary African wildlife together with leopards, lions, elephants, giraffe, kudu, waterbuck, impala, zebra, oryx, owls, eagles and a complete great deal extra.  We continued our experience to Amboseli Nationwide Park which is popular for its big herds of elephants and magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro.  We will cover that part of the adventure in yet another publish.

We desired to discover the Serious Africa and we did.  We desired that legitimate Out of Africa practical experience, and we got it in Tsavo.  We ate delectable food less than the African moon, watched animals at the water hole, experienced outstanding sport drives with Sammy our manual every working day and nonetheless had time to study, compose and relax.  This journey checked off all the bins for us and we appear ahead to returning sometime.

If you are wanting for a legitimate, reliable African journey that is not overrun by vacationers then seem to Tsavo and Satao Camp.  We just may possibly see you there.

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