Hitched in a hurry? Here’s an easy honeymoon planning checklist

We present an easy and quick guide to planning your honeymoon, from setting your expectations to booking the resort.

They say marriages are made in heaven, but most weddings today are made by wedding planners. Indian weddings span at least a week, with all the rituals and festivities, with a minimum six-month planning window prior to the main event. But sometimes, one is not afforded the liberty of time and they have to get married in a hurry.

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You could get hitched quickly for a variety of reasons, from being deployed overseas soon to an ailing relative wishing to see you get married, or maybe you are just so in love with your partner that you can’t wait to be together. But once the wedding is done, there’s another important event to plan: the honeymoon. Here’s how you can make sure the rushed wedding doesn’t spoil the charm of your honeymoon:

Set your expectations

The first step is to know what you want. Have you envisioned your honeymoon? Do you want to spend it in the country or abroad? Do you prefer a seaside retreat or romantic hill resort? Don’t forget to take into consideration what your significant other desires. If you make bookings in a luxury hill resort while your partner wants romance by the sea, you could start your married life with a tiff. Just because you had to get married quickly doesn’t mean that you cannot plan your honeymoon together, lovingly.

Know your budget

Indian weddings are expensive affairs, and one can spend an entire fortune on a wedding. If you sidestepped that problem, then you may have some money for a good honeymoon. Plan something that will blow you partner’s mind, but set your budget first. Honeymoons are special occasions, and most people only get one. But it is very important that you are very clear about the sum you wish to spend on your honeymoon. Room and board at most elite beach-front hotels and luxury hill resorts come with a steep price tag, so plan accordingly.

Plan as per the season

You don’t want to be surrounded by noisy families and screaming children while you are on your honeymoon. Summers school vacations translate into loads of family holidayers. Pick a spot and check what the seasonal trends there are like. Some places are good for year-round travel, while others are best for the winter. Check tourist trends as well, and pick spots that will be less populated and noisy so that you may move about in relative peace and quiet.

Check for offers and packages

Honeymooners are some of the tourism industry’s most reliable customers. Marriages happen throughout the year, and thus keep the tourism business rolling throughout the year. Knowing this fact, almost all hotels and resorts have tastefully decorated and elegant honeymoon suites, and offer fantastic packages for couples. Find out about these hidden deals and you could spend your honeymoon in the swankiest luxury hill resort or beach side hotel at a fraction of the cost.

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