How to apply for Thailand tourist visa

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Are you planning to spend your vacations in Thailand? If you are planning and you don’t know about the Thailand tourist visa and its requirements. Don’t worry! Here is our guide to Thailand tourist visas. There are 30 and 60 days tourist visas, and there’s a new e-Visas on arrival. The rules and laws of visas change and the information in this article is accurate as of August 2019.

Thailand Tourist Visa!

Applying for Thailand tourist visa depends on your nationality. Thailand has different visa policies for different countries which is confusing, and it keeps changing.

Tourists from different countries have visa-free entry into Thailand. The period of free entry can be 14 to 90 days, and it depends on nationality. Traveler’s from the United States, EU countries, Australia, and New Zealand can have 30-days visa-free entry.

If your country isn’t listed as visa-free access country, you’ll have to apply for a Thai tourist visa. Mostly, African, Middle-eastern, central Asian, and American countries tourist have to apply to for Thai tourist visa. 

Thailand 30 Days Visa Immunity & Wavier on Arrival

Travelers from 51 different countries which includes, Australia, US, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, and South Africa. It also includes all the EU countries except Bulgaria and Romania. If you are nationality holder from any of the mentioned countries, you’ll get 30-days Thai visa on arrival.

You’ll get 30-days visa immunity twice per year if you travel into Thailand by sea or land. There are no restrictions if you visit Thai by air. You’ll get 30-days visa immunity every time you enter Thailand by air.

If you’re a Hong Kong, Russia, Mongolia, Laos, Vietnam and Macao national, you’ll get 30-days waiver on arrival.

60-Day Thailand Tourist Visa

If you want to prolong your stay in Thailand and want to explore Thailand, you should apply for 60-days Thailand tourist visa. You can apply for 60-days Thailand tourist visa at the Thailand consulate and embassy in your country. There are two options if you want to extend your stay in Thailand.

  1. Single Entry Visa valid for three months.
  2. Multiple Entry Visa is valid for six months.

Thailand Tourist Visa Requirement

Applying and getting the Thailand tourist visa is simple and easy. If you’re applying for a single entry visa, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Passport (with a minimum of 6-months validity)
  • Complete Visa application form.
  • Passport size photographs (x2)
  • For multiple entry visa you’ll need the following documents:
  • Passport (with a minimum of 6-months validity)
  • Complete Visa application form.
  • Passport size photographs (x2)
  • Original bank statement of with minimum balance of $6100.
  • Return tickets
  • Hotel Reservations.
  • Letter from the employer (or a company form if you’re self-employed)

For travel consultancy  you can check out IAvisa

Visa Cost and Processing Time

The single entry visa fee is around $33. Multiple entry visa fee varies from country to country. However, it can cost about $65 to $165.

Visa fee processing time differs. We can’t say precisely how much time they take to process your visa application. Usually, they take around two to three business days. It may take one month for issuance of the visa.

Place to Visit in Thailand

If you’ve got a Thai tourist visa you can visit the following areas:

  • Bangkok
  • Phi Phi Islands
  • Pattaya City
  • KoSamui
  • PhangNga Bay
  • Ko Tao