Interview with Debbie Glade, Writer of The Vacation Adventures of Lilly P Badilly

Debbie Glade has a Bachelor’s Diploma in Resourceful Composing from Florida Condition College. She has worked as a freelance writer, exclusively as a journey author for upscale cruise lines. She refers to herself as an “armchair traveler,” which suggests reading, researching and composing without having constantly traveling. Now, she is going to travel with us to Costa Rica as a result of her characters’ activities.

Tyler: Welcome, Debbie. Matthew and I are incredibly curious to discover additional about your reserve. Matthew has a dilemma for you to get started us off.

Matthew: How did you get the concept for this story?

Debbie: The story produced as I created the characters. I knew I needed Lilly to be sensible and participate in the piano. I also desired her to use her brainpower to clear up a huge trouble. To increase to that it was vital to instruct the viewers about geography and culture. Prior to I wrote just one phrase of the story I made a checklist of targets for my tale. It had to be unique, adventurous, funny, terrifying and educational. As well as it had to make use out of my voice skills. I hope I achieved all that!

Tyler: Debbie, will you convey to us a small bit about the principal character, Lilly P Badilly?

Debbie: Lilly is a heroine not just due to the fact she saves her loved ones and new close friends, but also due to the fact she learns to command her fears and feelings by utilizing her intelligence. Like other youngsters (and grownups), Lilly has many fears that make new ordeals terrifying for her. But, by talking by way of these phobias and concentrating on alternatives, she bravely would make it by way of a quite horrifying circumstance.

Lilly is constantly kind and considerate. She employs her brain ability and e book expertise to resolve difficulties peacefully and rationally. She is curious about almost everything in the world, and understands that she can study a excellent offer as a result of books.

Lilly is also pretty musically gifted. Music the two motivates her and calms her down.

Matthew: Why did you decide on to have Lilly be a millipede as an alternative of everything else?

Debbie: I enjoy insects! Living in South Florida most of my daily life, I have been exposed to a lot of crawling critters. When I lived in Denver, Colorado right after school, I gained opinions generally about how awful it must be to are living in Miami, a place with so lots of cockroaches, other insects and lizards. I would chortle at the thought that folks had been concerned of South Florida because of our bugs and reptiles. I am an avid gardener and have observed some of the most unusual bugs, spiders and snakes in my yard. I tend to look down when I am going for walks, so I see a whole lot of bugs on the floor.

I especially selected a millipede mainly because I obtain them to be interesting creatures. They can healthy as a result of incredibly compact areas, and they prosper in the humid local climate of South Florida as well as Costa Rica. (I am positive there are a lot of hiding in and close to the Miami Worldwide Airport.) I love the truth that they have so numerous legs! And they are living by taking in decayed plant matter. What improved character for a children’s book than one who eats rotting vegetation only? Also in the genuine globe, millipedes by no means damage human beings or ruin houses like termites.

Tyler: What manufactured you come to a decision that Lilly would be a voracious reader and perform the piano?

Debbie: My 15-12 months-old daughter, Rachel, influenced me to produce Lilly’s character. Rachel constantly cherished guides, and was study to by several loved ones members from the working day she was born. She taught herself to read at a extremely younger age and would beg us to invest in her guides and go to the library. She is in substantial faculty now and is a incredibly voracious reader and a disciplined student. Rachel is an extraordinary difficulty solver! I am a lot more of the to some degree excitable variety. Her rational, functional way of contemplating is pretty calming to me. She is the first individual I go to for advice, and I can actually say she has generally steered me in the correct course. My daughter is also an attained pianist, who tactics many hours every single working day. Her advanced sight-looking at abilities allow for her to experiment with all genres of new music. My partner performs guitar and sings, and our residence is constantly stuffed with music. The only downside is that I typically trip on piles of sheet tunes.

Tyler: And what about Lilly’s fantastic lyrical title? Is there a tale guiding its development?

Debbie: Certainly. My brother, Eric, often named my daughter “Foolish Badilly” when she was youthful. He would tickle her and tease her relentlessly and regularly say, “You are these a Silly Badilly!” She would beg him to quit, but he would not pay attention. Useless to say this was rather bothersome, but it stuck with me. (Now my brother has 2 youngsters of his own, and I was setting up to get again at him by teasing them, but his young ones are also lovable. I do chat to them a whole lot in my cartoon voice even though, and they like it!) I liked the rhyming of Lilly Badilly and definitely get a kick out of it when Grandpa Willie calls his granddaughter “Silly Badilly.” Of course, my brother wishes full credit for the identify.

Matthew: Why did the millipedes have to go to Costa Rica alternatively of someplace else?

Debbie: They did not have to go everywhere in particular. But it was critical that they vacation someplace attention-grabbing and exclusive with a good deal of nature. With all my travel composing knowledge, Costa Rica was the fantastic put. Apart from, there are a ton of flights from Miami to Costa Rica as properly as other Central American metropolitan areas.

Costa Rica is property to some of the earth’s best organic treasures. About one particular quarter of this tiny nation is shielded wildlife. The diversity of vegetation, animals and volcanoes of Costa Rica are like that of no other place on earth. There are more than 1,500 different species of orchids alone. And excellent blue morphos are amid the countless species of butterflies in the cloud forests and rainforests. A single of the most intriguing animals I have ever go through about is the leaf cutter ant. There are experts who commit their careers to researching them.

I seriously believed that given that Lilly is these an avid reader and environmentalist, Costa Rica would be a fantastic area to travel. I hope that the guide sends a message to kids absolutely everyone that we need to protect our cherished environment.

Matthew: Have you at any time been to Costa Rica?

Debbie: Not however, but I am hoping to go quite quickly!

Tyler: Debbie, how on earth does a millipede travel to Costa Rica?

Debbie: Perfectly, Lilly and her grandparents live in a gap in the wall in Concourse A of the Miami International Airport. They never ever seriously look to go any where. It is Grandma Nellie’s concept one day that the family members associates sneak into a briefcase to board a flight to Costa Rica. Of program, most millipedes pack lightly, but the Badillys travel with backpacks.

Matthew: The place were being Lilly’s moms and dads and why didn’t they go on the vacation way too?

Debbie: That is a good thriller that will be revealed some time in the future.

Tyler: Will you notify us a very little bit about Lilly’s journey companions?

Debbie: Lilly lives with and travels with her grandparents, Nellie O. Badilly and Willie Z. Badilly. Nellie is really bossy and adventurous. She wears a gray wig! Grandpa Willie is pretty careful and light, so his wife commonly receives to make the conclusions! These two figures have been motivated by my serious daily life grandparents, who were fantastic and interesting in each way. Grandpa Willie has some of my husband’s traits as nicely.

Lilly’s grandparents are protecting of her. But they also look to her for experience about a large amount of issues, mainly because they know how intelligent their granddaughter is and how significantly she reads.

Tyler: I can’t picture it truly is quick staying a millipede. What sorts of risks do Lilly and her household face in Costa Rica?

Debbie: Remaining little has its worries. (And I know this 1st hand, because I am just below 5 feet tall myself.) The members of the Badilly family members have to make absolutely sure they are not squished by anybody or anything whilst touring. They have to disguise in a briefcase or suitcase on the plane, so no a person sees them. Folks have a tendency to scream when they see bugs and lead to a big commotion. And it is terrifying in that darkness! Fortunately Grandpa Willie has a flashlight.

A different problem for them is transportation when they get to Costa Rica. But with good scheduling and investigating they figure it all out. It can be handy to in shape in smaller spaces and squeeze via cracks.

The moment they enter the rainforest, the Badillys are confronted with unfamiliar territory. Not only do they have to protect by themselves from awful weather conditions with no the comforts of house, but they also have to guard on their own and many others they meet together the way. All I will say is they experience a creepy enemy named Ruth Considerably less. It looks as even though there is no resolution to the sticky condition, but Lilly is aware better.

Tyler: Why did you make your mind up to create a companion CD for the e-book?

Debbie: I have a specific cartoon voice I have always applied, and it definitely would make people chortle. I produced a handful of other voice characterizations as properly. I needed to give Lilly a memorable voice and make the tale arrive to lifetime. Also, even even though “The Journey Adventures of Lilly P Badilly” is a photo e-book, it is really state-of-the-art for youthful visitors. With the CD, youngsters who are quite young or not pretty completely ready to go through at this amount can appreciate the tale. Even these who browse effectively like the multidimensional factor of the voices, songs and audio outcomes. All the seem results of the rain forest are reliable Costa Rican recordings from an wonderful web-site at We are obtaining that mother and father are just as into the CD as the children are, since it is incredibly entertaining.

Matthew: How did you make all of all those voices on the CDs all by yourself?

Debbie: I have experienced my Lilly voice considering the fact that I was 9 years old. And I am always goofing close to with voices. I tried using to feel about what each and every of the characters in the reserve would sound like. Then I experimented with a lot of different suggestions in advance of coming up with the voices on the CD. I sure had to apply a whole lot not to get bewildered with the distinctive voices even though recording it all! It is really not as simple as it appears.

Tyler: Will you inform us about the CD? Who wrote the audio and the music lyrics and how it was recorded?

Debbie: As I outlined, I use distinctive voices for every character. I also narrate the tale. The CD is extremely lively and really delivers emotion and depth to the plot. I wrote the lyrics to all the tracks. Rachel wrote the total musical score and then worked with me on the tracks to suit in with the themes of just about every scene. It was a time consuming method, for the reason that we wished every little thing to be initial, funny or terrifying and lively. Rachel is generally swamped with research from school, so it was challenging to match time in for composing classes. In some way we did it. And I have to say we laughed a great deal all through the course of action.

My partner, John, wrote 2 of the songs and seriously livened up the songs with his harmonica! John and Rachel practiced the audio with each other and directed me the day of the recording. I am the only Glade loved ones member without having musical skills. I am not that good of a singer, but with my cartoon voice, it in some way operates.

The working day of the recording was seriously special. By some means we recorded the 35-moment CD straight as a result of, from narration to tunes and voice to voice. We went back and altered a few matters, but we were effectively rehearsed. Cliff, the sound engineer at Sunflower Recording Studios experienced a very good chortle that day at my voices.

John plays the guitar and harmonica on the CD. Rachel performs the piano, sitar and tambourine. I would hardly ever have even experimented with to record the tale without audio, and I could not have performed it with out their skills!

Matthew: Why did you make a decision to set songs and singing in the ebook?

Debbie: Music is these kinds of an significant element of life. My property is normally stuffed with new music, since my daughter plays the piano everyday and occasionally the sitar, and my husband performs the guitar and sings typically. Plus songs is what will save Lilly from her enemy!

Matthew: Why was all the singing truly humorous? I preferred the singing and believed it was funny to pay attention to.

Debbie: I am happy you assumed it was humorous! I consider readers actually want to giggle and be entertained. Even if something horrifying is heading on in the tale, it is ok to chuckle. And I can tell you firsthand that mom and dad want to be entertained as much as their youngsters.

Tyler: I considered the songs was hilarious, myself, Debbie, but I want to ask you about the illustrations. They are so colorful and enjoyable to glance at. Have been you influenced by images of Costa Rica in deciding upon their shades?

Debbie: Certainly, I was motivated by images and a whole lot by the gardens about Miami. I have a whole lot of gardening textbooks much too. We have a equivalent local weather to Costa Rica and mature some of the exact plants listed here. Of course, we do not have any volcanoes in Florida! I required to make the pictures as colourful as probable. Like most folks, I am normally drawn to books and art with vivid hues.

Tyler: How did you attract them? It appears to be like they have been outlined with a pen or marker, but did you use paints, or markers or coloured pencils or a mixture?

Debbie: I employed watercolor pencils, then a soaked brush to transform them into paints. I also utilised pan watercolors to cover massive surface areas. And I outlined a good deal of the figures with black ink to make them pop off the website page. One procedure I experimented with was drawing some of the scaled-down bugs and animals on different sheets of paper. Then I minimize them out and glued them on the website page about other artwork. Following the webpages were being scanned, these images practically appeared like they are lifted on the page.

Tyler: Did it consider you for a longer period to make the illustrations than to write the story? What manufactured you make a decision to have illustrations and to do it you?

Debbie: I spent so lots of hrs on the illustrations, the revisions of the story and the music-about 1 12 months. But I consider the rewriting and proofreading took the longest. I wrote many versions of the reserve and then commenced portray. If the paintings were being not exciting adequate, owing to the story not acquiring immediately ample, I changed the story to make it move far better. It is crucial to maintain the reader intrigued at all situations.

I painted the pictures at the eating area table in my home, mainly because that place has the greatest organic gentle. I went back and forth from the dining area to my household office environment to make copy modifications on the laptop, on the other aspect of the dwelling. I question how many miles I walked in my possess residence.

Tyler: Have you been portray for prolonged? What type of artwork have you performed in the previous?

Debbie: I have often been an artist of sorts. I applied to paint with pastels when I was youthful. I have completed 1000’s of craft assignments. Rachel and I have volunteered at a senior centre several occasions to make holiday getaway crafts. I am useful at decorating and portray partitions. I also really like to make quilts, and I manufactured the costumes for my daughter’s school play.

Tyler: What age group do you assume will love “The Travel Adventures of Lilly P Badilly” and what responses have you gained from visitors so considerably?

Debbie: Young ones ages 5-10 will take pleasure in the ebook. All those who are much too youthful or not innovative ample to read the book can hear to the CD and glimpse at the photos. Even though lots of ten-yr-olds read chapter textbooks, they will even now appreciate this photo reserve because it is rather innovative. The very first little one who browse my e book is my friend’s ten-calendar year-aged son. He is brilliant but has a little bit of hassle concentrating when he reads. He sat however through the full recording and adopted alongside in the e book. He cherished it!

So significantly the response to my e book has been really good. Individuals actually snicker when they hear to the CD. I have had a whole lot of good suggestions on my illustrations as nicely. My aim is to acquire quick critiques from all the children who study the e-book and publish them on my site at

Tyler: Debbie, did you normally want to be a writer?

Debbie: I applied to want to be an actor, so I guess in a way I had my option on the CD. Ha! The real truth is that I entered school with no direction and was baffled about what to analyze. I experienced picked out Communications on a whim, but promptly figured out that it was these kinds of a preferred major that I experienced hassle acquiring the courses I required to finish in 4 several years. I was ready in a extended line to indicator up for courses (right before desktops and web). I overheard a number of college students declaring that it was going to acquire them 6 years to get their diploma, mainly because there had been not sufficient spaces in every single class for all the pupils. I requested someone in line at the rear of me what faculty was housed in the brick setting up across the avenue. I was informed it was for English majors, so I remaining the line and changed my key. I did not want to shell out 6 years carrying out something I should have been equipped to (and did) complete in 4. Of course, I would not have completed it had I not preferred to read and publish.

What is humorous is that I kind of fell into getting an true author. I was doing work for a financial institution executing some client service and advertising and marketing operate. A good deal of people got laid off from their employment, which includes me. A woman I experienced labored with, who also misplaced her occupation, got a marketing place at a cruise line. One particular working day she known as out of desperation asking me to assist bail her out. Her specialist writer experienced a particular crisis and the cruise line experienced an crisis deadline to complete a Big brochure. She experienced remembered that I was acknowledged at the financial institution for my creating skills. I advised her that I understood nothing about travel composing, but I would check out my most effective. They gave me some details I could use about the locations, and I went to the library and checked out a large amount of publications about the globe. I experienced to remain awake as numerous hrs as I could through a 72-hour interval and create, produce, compose. It was annoying, but I did it. The photography and layout of the ultimate brochure was amazing, and the cruise line gained an promoting award. That marked the beginning of a 13-12 months career producing for upscale cruise lines. (The artist responsible for that brochure, Tim Ravenna, assisted me with the structure of my book 20 a long time later!)

I also wrote a whole lot of resumes and include letters for men and women and other marketing and advertising parts for a extensive variety of organizations. Around the several years, you would not imagine how many moments my title was referred to people today who needed enable when their writers did not pull by means of. Remaining reliable is just as significant as producing effectively.

Tyler: Debbie, what do you hope small children will achieve from studying about Lilly and her adventures?

Debbie: Additional that everything, I wrote the reserve so little ones could make reading through a lifestyle prolonged pleasure. As I arrived up with the notion for this journey experience, I retained instructors in mind as well, recognizing it could aid entertain their college students and get them interested in textbooks. Also, geography knowledge between college students and grownups is some thing that is lacking in The united states, and we require to start off educating our little ones about the relaxation of the globe starting at the earliest attainable age.

I’d like to believe this e book stirs up the curiosity in all who study it to go out and seek out extra information and facts-whether it is about geography, lifestyle, bugs, plants, conservation, volcanoes or audio. Just as considerably as I like to read through and produce, I adore to investigation. There is so significantly information and facts out there about any and every subject matter-not just on the world wide web and in publications, but also in the minds of the numerous people today we meet in our everyday lives.

An additional concept I preferred to relay in this ebook is that it is great to be intelligent and that little ones do not have to healthy into any specified team to have a pleased and successful daily life.

Tyler: Debbie, do you believe Lilly is probably to have any much more adventures?

Debbie: I would love to see Lilly board one more aircraft to some area exotic and knowledge some thing totally new. There is certainly a full extensive environment out there waiting around to be found.

Tyler: Thank you for joining me nowadays, Debbie. Right before we go, will you tell us about your web-site and what extra data our viewers may well locate there about “The Vacation Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica”?

Debbie: My web page is The dwelling web page provides all those interested in the e-book a sample of Lilly singing as well as some of the reliable Costa Rican audio outcomes. There are also sample web pages you can click on on to listen to and see some of the inside of of the e-book. I have devoted a extended webpage to details about Costa Rica, and I have composed about some of the most exciting or most abundant plants and animals. I also painted watercolor images of every single plant or animal explained. There are shots of my family recording the CD and we have every written a paragraph about our experience recording.

I hope viewers delight in navigating the website. There is page to get the reserve on the web, and also if you simply click on Smart Poodle Publishing and then on Smart Poodle Blog, you can increase remarks. I love to hear from visitors, moms and dads, grandparents and teachers alike!

Tyler: Thank you, Matthew, for helping me now. I guess you have a extensive vocation in advance of you as a ebook reviewer, and with any luck ,, Debbie, you are going to come again once more so Matthew and I can proceed to converse to you. We would like you and Lilly Badilly quite a few more fascinating adventures.

Tyler R. Tichelaar of Reader Sights was delighted to be joined by Debbie Glade, to talk about her new children’s e book “The Journey Adventures of Lilly P Badilly: Costa Rica,” Sensible Poodle Publishing (2008), ISBN 9780980030792. They were also joined by Matthew Feliciano, the 7-and-a-50 percent-12 months-aged reviewer.

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