Kullu Manali – An Outstanding Summer Retreat Destination

Kullu is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India and Manali is a small hill town situated in northern end of Kullu Valley. Kullu and Manali are famous summer retreat destinations. Kullu and Manali are complement to each other and, therefore, they are taken as one i.e., Kullu Manali. Kullu and Manali are blessed with wonderful scenic beauty and spectacular landscapes. The chilled and breezy wind of the places makes them great summer retreat spots.

The snow-caped mountains, silent valleys, meadows of wild flowers, fruit laden orchards are the major attractions of Kullu Manali Tours. These features make Kullu Manali one of the most preferred holiday and summer retreat destination among honeymooners, holidayers, vacationers and other globetrotters. The hills of Kullu and Manali offer great sightseeing opportunity due to abundance of natural scenic beauty. The exotic ambiance of the nature makes the surrounding very cheerful and enthralling. The calm and cool climate successfully meets the expectation of the travelers who are yearning for pleasant climate and soothes their body as well as warm up their mood.

Manali being a small hill town is a worth visiting site of Himachal Pradesh. After Shimla, Manali is most preferred hill station to be visited in India. Tourists even plan a special tour to Manali. Seeing the charm of the place and the demand of special tour package, many Manali Tour Packages have been tailored by the tour operators. The green verdant vegetation, tweets of the singing birds, slow motion of the icy glaciers creates makes the place picturesque. Apart from natural sightseeing, Manali Tours also offer opportunities to enjoy adventure gaming. Paragliding, white river rafting, ice skating, mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, fish touting etc are common adventure spots of the place. Enjoying these adventure sports in the chilled and pleasant climate will truly make feel delighted.

Kullu is also famous for many sports activities but ice game is more popular there. The Kullu valley is said to be an end to the habitable world because of extreme cold. But you will love visiting the place because you are now in quest of cool climate and are frustrated with the hot and humid climate being experienced in the rest of the country. After visiting the Kullu filled with breezy wind and icy glaciers, enjoy popular ice games of the place.

To explore all facets of verdant natural beauty of Kullu and Manali, you can take help of travel agents. These places are natural garlands and you cannot visit its all corner without a proper tour package. To make your Kullu Manali tour a life time experience buy either separate tour package for Kullu and Manali or prefer a common Kullu Manali Tour Package. You can get such packages from any tour operator but I feel it worth to suggest that buy a package from a tour operator who is specialized in Himachal Pradesh tourism or hill station tourism.

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