Making Pizzeria Style Pizzas At Home

If you think the only way you can get a perfect pan pizza is by ordering take-out from your local pizzeria you will be happy to learn there are a few essentials to have on hand that can make it possible to get the very same results at home. Visit us to get more discount papa john’s coupon.

The first thing you will need is a good quality pizza cutter, which will be necessary afterward for quickly cutting through cooked pizzas without ripping off the cheese or toppings. If you will be baking your pizzas on the grill, have a set of tongs and a large spatula with a sturdy handle to help with moving the dough on and off the grill.

For baking pizzas in the oven you might want to invest in a pizza stone. Many authentic pizzerias use pizza stones for baking their crusts to perfection. Besides making pizzas, these heavy stones are also ideal for making baked goods including homemade breads.

Pizza stones will help to ensure you have a delightful crust that will be crisp on the outside but still chewy on the inside. Pizza stones are also simple to clean as you do not have to use soap, which should be avoided as it will actually be absorbed by the stone and alter the flavor of your pizzas.

If you do not want to use a pizza stone, which should always be seasoned with oil before the first use and then preheated along with the oven each time, you have a selection of different types of pizza pans to choose from.

Cast iron pizza pans are ideal for making pizzas in the oven as they help to retain heat. You can find these types of pizza pans in all sizes and shapes and they can also be used for making other baked recipes.

As their name suggests, deep dish pizza pans have deep sides that may average one to three inches deep. Available most often in aluminum or stainless steel, these pans are ideal for holding pizzas loaded with the most toppings.

Aluminum pizza pans tend to offer the best results when making a thin crust. Look for pans with holes that allow the air to flow through and create a delicious crispy crust. There are several types of aluminum pizza pans to choose from but those that are hard-anodized tend to last the longest.

Stainless steel pizza pans are a great choice as they will not rust and are built to withstand years of regular use. They are also easy to care for as they are dishwasher safe. You can use stainless steel pans with hand tossed dough and they also work well for making thin crusts.

Making your own pizzeria style pizzas at home doesn’t have to be difficult provided you have the essentials beforehand along with all the ingredients you need for making the dough and of course, your favorite pizza toppings. Remember to use different pans for creating different pizzas and when in doubt, use fewer toppings to keep the crust from becoming soggy even when using a pizza stone.