Marketing a Gaming App – Think with Google

As gaming proceeds to increase, so do the thoughts we get from app entrepreneurs about how finest to travel video game installs. To unpack that issue, we took a huge phase again to 1st realize the motivations at the rear of gaming. Then we appeared at true gaming app advert campaigns, for Common App Campaigns in unique, to see if there were styles of inventive things that were extra productive than many others in driving installs. (Spoiler alert: There were.)

The bottom line: Driving gaming app installs requires tapping into the motivations at the rear of why people today video game, and creating inventive belongings impressed by individuals motivations. That could appear obvious, but the executional things of a gaming app marketing strategy can be rather nuanced.

Motivations for informal versus main players

As any video game marketer is aware, the world of gaming is mainly divided into “core” players, people today who commit a considerable sum of time and electricity to gaming, and “casual” players, people today who dabble in game titles to go the time.

Achieving these players effectively requires recognizing why they’re playing and how they’re participating. To master extra, we done qualitative analysis with hundreds of informal and main players in Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.2