Marketing interview with Christine Chen


If you hadn’t selected this career path, what


do you think you’d be accomplishing appropriate now?


Christine Chen:
I think I would enjoy to be a detective.


I think that would be exciting to have a detective


Who are you?


Christine Chen:
I’m Christine Chen.


I’m the head of communications approach and
associate at Goodby


Silverstein & Companions.


How would your team describe you in one term?


Christine Chen:


It really is great or lousy, dependent.

:twenty five

What is your skilled mantra?


Christine Chen:
Don’t be quickly contented.


What is actually the very last thing you experienced to educate anyone?


Christine Chen:
The big difference in between a pattern and an insight.


When you hit a artistic block, how do you


Christine Chen:
I have to build some length.

:forty one

Consider about anything else, probably watch some
content video clips and get into a great temper and


What do you like to watch on YouTube?


Christine Chen :
I just viewed a bunch of recipes for Lunar


How do you inspire the up coming technology of

:fifty one

Christine Chen:
I think it really is all about providing them house so


that they can uncover by themselves in their individual model of creativity and modeling that behavior


for them so that they know a great concept can genuinely occur from any where.