Metoree, One of the Largest Manufacturing Database Sites in Japan, Will Be Expanding Overseas

Press Release

Nov 26, 2021

“Metoree” is an industrial product database site for engineers and researchers operated by ZAZA, Inc  (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan). The site is divided into about 4,000 categories such as measuring instruments, sensors, printing machines, tools, etc.

Background of Overseas Expansion 

Metoree has received many requests from manufacturers who are currently registered with Metoree to expand overseas. In addition, there is a need for overseas expansion of Metoree from Japanese engineers, so Metoree has decided to expand overseas.

With the overseas expansion, Metoree aims to become the world’s number one database site for the manufacturing industry, with 10 million users.

How Metoree is currently used in Japan

Metoree is currently one of the largest manufacturing database sites in Japan, with over 20,000 companies registered with Metoree. Metoree has been well received by users who find it easy to compare products.

Project Background

Metoree is a website that was launched with the intention of solving the issues that the Japanese manufacturing industry is currently facing. Metoree has launched to solve the marketing issues in the manufacturing industry: 1) the inability to exhibit at trade shows or conduct face-to-face sales activities due to the influence of Corona, and 2) the lack of specialized online marketing personnel. It has been very well received by the companies registered with Metoree. 

Company Profile 

ZAZA, Inc operates “airKitchen”, a service that matches visitors to Japan who want to learn how to cook Japanese food with Japanese hosts who want to teach Japanese cooking.

ZAZA, Inc has launched an industrial product comparison site called Metoree, utilizing the web marketing know-how cultivated through the operation of airKitchen.



Source: Metoree