New survey shows new users and business travel will bolster private jet travel for the Fall

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MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES – Non-public Jet Card Comparisons has unveiled the success of a new study that reveals ninety{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of new and current non-public aviation end users are expecting to journey by non-public jet this fall. According to the study, 51{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of respondents are planning to raise their use of non-public aviation, with 31{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} reporting their organizations are expanding use of non-public aviation providers. The study analyzed individuals’ approaching options to fly non-public concerning September and the festive period, with 36{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of respondents identifying as new or returning end users and 64{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} representing current end users who had been flying non-public prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Fundamentally, it appears to be like like a combination of new end users to non-public aviation and steady, continued use from current end users will offset an over-all drop in business journey concerning now and the Xmas getaway time,” explained Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Non-public Jet Card Comparisons. “What’s more, at least 50 {2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of new end users are planning to go on utilizing non-public aviation right after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.”

A person respondent observed that non-public journey “was usually more a curiosity than a reality till COVID-19, but now flying non-public is the only way we travel”, even though another commented, “I never applied non-public aviation ahead of COVID… now I will not fly business.” A person newcomer included, “The comfort and efficiency have induced me to contemplate obtaining a jet of my have for normal use.”

Critical highlights from the study contain:

  • 51{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of respondents are planning to raise their use of non-public aviation, even though 28{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} anticipate to make the same number of flights, and 21{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} anticipate reducing their non-public flight use
  • Among the respondents who are either new or returning end users of non-public aviation providers, 89{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} are planning to fly privately
  • Of all those who had been already current non-public aviation end users prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 38{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} anticipate to make the same number of flights even though thirty{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} are planning to raise their non-public journey use in the course of this timeframe, and 32{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} system to reduce their use of non-public aviation
  • 72{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of all respondents are flying privately to lower attainable exposure to COVID-19, which includes 87{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of new or returning non-public aviation end users and 63{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of current end users
  • 29{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of new/returning end users anticipate to fly privately for business journey, in comparison to just thirteen{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of current end users who system to raise non-public flights for company
  • Of the respondents whose organizations are expanding non-public jet access for business journey, 92{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} report their organizations are expanding the style of outings for which non-public aviation is getting applied, with 28{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} indicating their organizations are expanding the number of personnel who can use non-public aviation and 20{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} expanding both of those.
  • fifty three{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644} of new and returning end users anticipate to go on to use non-public aviation right after worries about the pandemic recede
  • Respondents noted their best destinations for leisure outings as Florida (38{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), followed by mountain destinations (34{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), the Caribbean/Central America (seventeen{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), and major cities (sixteen{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644})
  • The the greater part of respondents (69{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}) cited second houses as their main accommodations for leisure outings as nicely as vacation resort lodges (31{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), metropolis lodges (20{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), rental villas (seventeen{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}), owned/charter yachts (ten{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}) and Airbnb (6{2e54b6599e2852fcddcb96c51aef71201c0435684ebd8fbda55b4c693aab2644}).

The study was done on-line from September eighteen to 22, 2020 by way of Study Monkey to subscribers of Non-public Jet Card Comparisons, a buyer’s guideline that enables end users to look at over 250 non-public aviation membership possibilities in get to detect the plans that greatest in shape their requirements in minutes, conserving weeks of study.

Subscribers also have limitless access to Speedy Assess Pricing, enabling them to view flight charges concerning various possibilities. Its news blog options both of those academic article content, recommendations, and breaking news about non-public aviation jet card and membership vendors.

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