Palau Aims to Become World’s First “Carbon Neutral Tourism Destination”

The Palau Bureau of Tourism, Sustainable Journey Global and Gradual Food stuff have released a new project in Palau that aims to mitigate the tourism sector’s carbon footprint and establish Palau as the world’s very first “Carbon Neutral Tourism Location.” The project is using a destination-stage tactic that consists of advertising and marketing local foodstuff output inside tourism and acquiring a carbon-administration software for visitors. This project supports the objectives of the Coalition of Fragile Ecosystems (COFE) and Global Cooperation and Enhancement Fund (TaiwanICDF) and has been endorsed by numerous governing administration companies in Palau.

The Pacific island nation of Palau is regarded as one of the top rated marine tourism places in the world. Final calendar year, more than 89,000 intercontinental visitors visited the region, which has a population of just under 22,000. As such, tourism represents the islands’ key supply of economic cash flow and work.

As a little island destination, Palau is extremely susceptible to the impacts of local weather improve, which threaten the islands’ marine ecosystems, coastal communities and tourism business. Even though tourism is the economic lifeblood of the island, it also contributes to the local weather disaster. Vacationers are liable for a significant portion of Palau’s carbon footprint as they journey to the distant island by plane and eat foodstuff imported from abroad.

In the latest several years, Palau has taken comprehensive measures to further environmental safety and liable tourism. This consists of developing one of the world’s most significant marine sanctuaries building the world’s very first mandatory eco-pledge (​Palau Pledge​) that all site visitors are required to indicator upon entry banning tour operators from utilizing single-use plastics and Styrofoam and shielding its marine surroundings by way of the adoption of the world’s strictest national sunscreen regular. The new initiative, which is currently being led by Sustainable Journey Global, builds upon the country’s previous endeavours to especially address the tourism sector’s local weather effect.

This project will lower the carbon footprint of tourism in Palau by raising the proportion of foodstuff that is sourced from local producers and lowering the industry’s dependence on imports. Among the other pursuits, the project will carry out this by setting up the potential of farmers and fishers to sector their items to visitors. Alongside with combating local weather improve, this will generate cash flow-generating options for local communities and enhance foodstuff safety on the islands. An emphasis will be put on sustainable output and empowering women producers to take part in the tourism benefit chain.

To compensate for tourism’s unavoidable emissions, the project will produce a carbon administration software for visitors to Palau. The new on the net platform will allow site visitors to calculate and offset the carbon footprint affiliated with their journey, such as equally their journey to and pursuits in Palau. In line with Palau’s leadership in marine conservation, the offset contributions will be invested in blue carbon initiatives, such as mangrove restoration or sustainable output pursuits in the area that lower CO2 emissions. It is approximated that this software has the prospective to elevate over $one million a calendar year for these carbon reduction initiatives.

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