Reasons To Apply For a Travel Nurse Jobs in Mississippi 

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Travel nurse jobs in Mississippi  are continuously offered by travel nurse agencies due to the demand of nurses in Mississippi. This is a good opportunity for nurses to explore and broaden their profession. There are a lot of travel nurse jobs and you can choose which one fits you best. Basic requirements are needed and if you have specialization that will be better.


Types of Travel Nursing Jobs in Mississippi

Traveling CNA Jobs

Travel Certified nursing assistants are responsible for making home visits to patients who wish to be monitored at home regarding their health conditions. They may also be required to report their monitoring report to the medical facilities. Travel CNA jobs in Mississippi salary starts at $17 per hour. For the requirements a short-term health care program is needed then you should be able to pass the exam as a nursing assistant. Clean driving record is also considered since it is part of your job to drive to residences of your patients.

Travel Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Travel Nurse Practitioners are considered replacement  workers for nurses who are on leave for maternity purposes, vacation purposes or other concerns.  Travel nurses may have short term working time assignments but the full benefits for travel nurses are given to them. Travel nurse practitioners in Mississippi  can also earn more than the permanent employees earn. What’s more, if their performance is good they can be absorbed as permanent workers.

Local Travel Nursing

Not all travel nurses need to get out of their State to be a travel nurse, some may just work in other cities, and yet they can get the full benefit of a travel nurse.

Healthcare Traveler Jobs

Other healthcare traveler jobs in Mississippi includes:

  • RN Operating Room
  • RN ICU
  • RN Pedia

And many others, the good thing about having specialization is you can get paid higher. The highest paying travel nursing jobs Mississippi is those assigned in emergency and surgery departments. The workload is hectic and needs more skills to be able to handle the task.


Benefits of Travel Nurse Mississippi

Great Pay

Every person who works wants a high paying job, nurses, may get good compensation but working as a travel nurse can make  you earn more. A travel nurse who works in Mississippi can earn up to $73, 300 a year! Apart from the basic pay they can earn bonuses such as referral bonuses when they can bring some friends who want to be a travel nurse too and some can even get performance bonuses once they go the extra mile on their work. And of course overtime is paid, any excess hour that exceeds the regular working shift is considered extra hour.

Housing is Provided

Working outside your hometown is not easy since you have to get an accommodation where you can stay during your assignment. The good thing about when you decide to become a travel nurse, you can get your accommodation for free. Most accommodations are fully furnished and all you have to do is settle in when you arrive. The other option will be getting your own place and housing stipend will be provided to assist you in your rental payments for your accommodation.

Exploring your Place of Assignment

This is one of the best benefits a travel nurse can get. Traveling is one of the stress relievers for people who have toxic work, but the problem is they can not travel for long because they are needed at work. But for travel nurses work and travel is indeed possible. After each assignment a travel nurse can take a break and take this moment to unwind and explore Mississippi. You will get to visit Ridgeland’s scenic outdoors, try out their best restaurant and trails of boutique with big names. There is nothing more refreshing than being able to roam around a new place and discover food and things that are new to you.


Travel nurse jobs in Mississippi can be your gateway to be able to level up your profession as well as grow personally since you will be exposed to different cultures, lifestyles and places as you work as a travel nurse. Mississippi is a great place to see!

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