Resurfaced VIDEO of top contender for Biden’s VP pick addressing Scientology church in LA goes viral

California Rep. Karen Bass, thought to be on the shortlist of prospective functioning mates for Joe Biden, has appeared in a resurfaced clip giving a glowing speech to a new Scientology church – a group widely considered a predatory “cult.”

Dated from the 2010 ribbon-cutting ceremony at a newly renovated Scientology church in Los Angeles, Bass is witnessed lavishing praise on the group’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, who parlayed a faltering vocation as a science fiction writer into a effective new spiritual motion, starting with his 1950 do the job ‘Dianetics.’

“As each a leader in our point out legislature, and a agent of Los Angeles, my objective has been a easy a single: To essentially make a change,” Bass tells a teeming crowd in the video, established to a cheesy soundtrack befitting a nineteen nineties informercial.

That is why the terms are fascinating, of your founder L. Ron Hubbard, in the creed of Scientology, that all individuals of whatsoever race, color or creed are made with equivalent rights.

Bass, who chairs the Congressional Black Caucus, is now a single of the top candidates for Biden’s VP select, CNN claimed, citing dozens of interviews with Biden allies, lawmakers and Democratic Occasion insiders. California Senator Kamala Harris and previous Obama national security adviser Susan Rice are also thought to be high on the record.

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The church of Scientology has arrive beneath powerful criticism in the a long time because its founding in 1953, not very long right after the publication of ‘Dianetics.’ When the group provides a variety of local community products and services, like counseling and drug rehab, previous members have described a cult-like environment in the motion, like organized harassment of people considered “suppressive” or critics of the church, which retains a veritable military of aggressive attorneys. The church is also identified for a intensely income-driven solution to ‘worship,’ in which adherents are questioned to shell out thousands of pounds on treatment-like “auditing” sessions, which are necessary to advance to larger levels in the group.

Between a very long sequence of controversies spanning a long time, the church has been implicated in criminal actions like a plot to infiltrate the US federal government to ruin unflattering information on Hubbard, who spent a long time of his lifestyle evading the Inside Income Assistance. Dubbed “Operation Snow White,” it has been described as a single of the premier domestic spying operations in US heritage, involving thousands of church members.

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