Short-Term Rentals Are a Growing Problem for European Cities


With the gradual easing of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many European towns are attempting to revive tourism. At the similar time, there is also the goal to have one particular of the phenomena that has created the most problems for them in recent many years: shorter-phrase rentals, generally available by online platforms this kind of as Airbnb.

Hoteliers Are Not the Only Losers

Numerous holidaymakers generally resort to such methods, mainly because they can be more affordable or provide unique ordeals than, for example, resorts.

The losers of this increase in reputation of limited-expression rentals are previously mentioned all hoteliers, who put up with higher than all owing to the opposition of non-expert operators who work in the area in parallel with the numerous firms that deal with small rentals subsequent all the appropriate rule.

But motels are not the only losers. In accordance to critics, in many cities, the increase of short term rentals has led to a shortage of housing for residents or lifted the value of houses in an unjustified way.

European Metropolitan areas Hunting to Control

For this rationale, European metropolitan areas have been attempting to control brief-phrase rentals for some yrs. A short while ago, for case in point, Paris authorised a new regulation to exam the introduction of a highest limit of flats for limited-phrase rentals in selected streets or neighborhoods regarded underneath tension.

These guidelines were being requested by several city companies and associations, which experienced opposed the reality that some neighborhoods of the metropolis appeared like “dormitory homes” for vacationers at the exact same time, they had been opposed by Airbnb, which had known as them “unlawful”.

Italian cities have also been thinking of equivalent measures. Very last March the mayors of Florence and Venice introduced to the government a “Decalogue of proposals for the relaunch”, which in addition to actions to persuade tourism and assistance hoteliers, consists of doable principles to regulate flats for these types of rentals.

Between the proposals place forward in the Decalogue, there is the obligation that each owner cannot hire additional than two actual estate units inside the similar municipal space. Also, the maximum rental time period for this kind of rentals must be 90 times a yr.

According to the administrations of Venice and Florence, in any scenario, the phenomenon would require “a clear and additional described nationwide legislation”, which for now does not exist.

Barcelona, Amsterdam and Lisbon Doing the job on Alternatives

A further example is Barcelona, where conversations are underway to definitively approve the strategy that would allow owners to lease rooms only for a time period of far more than 30 times. This would permanent a rule introduced previous August, and which is only the most current of the interventions initiated by the Spanish city to restrict the phenomenon.

The metropolis administration of Amsterdam, on the other hand, is considering about what solutions to undertake after a courtroom in March ruled illegitimate the ban on renting residences for small durations in the historic center of the metropolis. This ban was released the preceding yr for several good reasons, including limiting disturbance to locals.

To try out to resolve the issue in the for a longer period phrase, the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, has proposed a program that right includes the nearby administration to favor for a longer period rents and still ensure an profits to owners.

The program gives for the community administration to hire homes, spending up to 1000 euros per thirty day period to the homeowners, and then assign them to inhabitants who require them. In accordance to the software launched in 2019, the municipality should really have recognized and managed a full of just one thousand houses, but only 284 applications arrived in 2020.

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