Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

Trying to prepare a surprise birthday party for someone but not sure what you should do? Well, we have plenty of surprise birthday party ideas that will really create a party worth remembering. The important thing you will want to take into account is the age of the person you are hosting a party for (these ideas are suitable for teenagers), safety and the person’s interests.

Create Party Invitations that Surprise

A great way to start off a surprise birthday party is with party invitations that are different and that remind guests that this is a surprise party so that they don’t go and open their big traps before the time. So, create a web page (make sure that it says “SURPRISE” in bold letters) and then send out emails. You can make these pages as different as you like and make sure they contain some element of surprise.

Theme Party Ideas for Surprise Birthday Parties

  • The Limo Party: Get a limo to arrive to pick up your teenager with some of their best friends already in the vehicle. The limo will then take them out to a restaurant where you have arranged to pay the bill and tip, and then take them for a tour around the city. Make sure that your teenager feels like a real celebrity!
  • The Black Light Dance Party: Teenagers love dancing. So hire a venue where they can dance and decorate it with black light, disco balls, lava lamps and other decorations that make it look like a disco. Hire a DJ and have a buffet table of food and drinks and then let them party on.
  • The Kidnapping for Breakfast Party: This theme party idea is a surprise not only for the birthday girl or boy but for all teens involved – just be sure to alert the parents before the time! Kidnap all teenagers from their beds and then kidnap the birthday person. Bring them all to breakfast as is and then maybe go for swimming or movies at someone’s home.

Surprise birthday party ideas can truly be some of the most exciting and fun birthday experiences for teenagers so give them something to remember forever. Place surprise birthday party invitations online at Events Listed Surprise Birthday Party Ideas and then later you can turn these into souvenirs of the great party for the teen to remember for a lifetime.

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