Innovaccer Partners With SyTrue to Uncover Powerful Insights and Accelerate Its Efforts to Drive Healthcare’s Digital Transformation

The partnership will enable Innovaccer to recognize precious insights about people that continue to be hidden in unstructured facts resources across the network.

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updated: Dec 15, 2020 08:15 EST

​​​Innovaccer, Inc., a top health care know-how organization, announces its partnership with SyTrue, a main company of clinical data extraction, to make strong, actionable insights from health care knowledge. 

The partnership allows Innovaccer to leverage healthcare’s most-sophisticated Normal Language Processing Working System, NLP OSTM, and dive deep into clinical data, extracting beneficial particulars about client health and fitness journeys.

The integration of SyTrue’s proprietary NLP OS with Innovaccer’s FHIR-enabled Info Activation Platform will empower health care businesses to discover analysis codes and Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) from affected individual treatment progress notes and other unstructured texts. With the potential to obtain insights from the unstructured datasets, providers can make improvements to the precision of patient risk scores.

“Creating a longitudinal history is paramount to enabling an clever journey throughout our sophisticated healthcare procedure. Too usually, crucial affected person knowledge is not incorporated as portion of the entire professional medical record since it is locked in faxes, portable document formats (PDFs) and other unstructured documentation. To unlock the insights contained in just these documents is costly and time-consuming,”  suggests Kyle Silvestro, CEO at SyTrue. “Our partnership with Innovaccer will lessen the time and expense to build intelligent and in depth insights which will considerably enrich the client journey.”

SyTrue’s NLP OS will empower Innovaccer’s details system to semantically research, identify, and discover critical factors from clinical records across the corporation, offering appropriate, actionable insights at the second of care. NLP OS will permit Innovaccer to support its clientele extract facts about lab records, remedies, vital signals, diagnoses, and other aspects from structured and unstructured resources to successfully meet up with excellent specifications.

The partnership will make it possible for Innovaccer’s customer service provider corporations to understand their patients’ health care documents in a far more comprehensive fashion and improve reimbursement by way of advanced coding, intelligent cohort identification, and unstructured facts normalization. 

“Generating insights from useful facts that remains concealed in unstructured info has normally been a complicated activity. These details offer excellent insights into the patient’s treatment journey, but most of the time, they go unnoticed,” says Abhinav Shashank, CEO at Innovaccer. “With our partnership with SyTrue, we are growing our capability to make the best use of this vital information and aid healthcare organizations to care as one particular.”

About SyTrue

SyTrue is designed to resolve our damaged workflows within just the health care method by automating healthcare’s most onerous tasks offering elevated productiveness, diminished value and enhanced profits to Well being Options and Assistance Providers. Health companies consume hundreds of tens of millions to billions of pages of clinical documentation each year. Most of this documentation is locked in unstructured formats like PDF, TIFF, DOC, etcetera., avoiding the insights contained within them from being greatly consumed and distributed to the