The best things to do in Hyderabad this summer

Hyderabad provides the perfect backdrop for the best ever holiday in South India.

On the banks of the river Musi lies, Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Telangana. With a population of 6.9 million and about 9.7 million in the surrounding metropolitan region, it is the 4th most populous city in India. It is spread out over 650 square kilometres on a hilly terrain around several artificial lakes.

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The summer lasts here from March till June andis generally hot and humid. Although maximum temperatures frequently exceed 40 °C between April and June, thousands of people still visit Hyderabad every single day. Even long-distance flights like the Delhi Hyderabad flights are usually heavily booked.

Hyderabad has a variety of theme parks and attractions that make it a perfect destination for summer holidays with or without the kids. Interspersed with the historical tours and the multiple food tours operating in the city, these theme parks will provide you with an all-rounder vacation.

Wonderla Hyderabad

With more than 40 different and exhilarating rides,Wonderlafeatures India’s first ever reverse looping Roller Coaster – RECOIL. Imported from the Netherlands, this beast goes from 0 to 80 in 1 second, and then back again backwards. Or imagine being suspended 20 meters in the air, legs dangling while travelling in endless circles and loops at 70 kmph in the Equinox. There’s also an after-hours time slot which you can utilise to further beat the summer heat.

Jalvihar Entertainment Park

Located on the Necklace road in Hyderabad, Jalvihar is an impressive waterpark spread out over 12.5 acres along the Hussain Sagar lake. Comprising numerous water slides, dry rides, rain dances and a wave pool, it features unique experiences. The wave pool is especially famous since it is 18,000 square feet of pure funand can accommodate around 1,000 people at any given time.

Ramoji Film City

This massive 2,000-acre park is India’s only pure thematic holiday destination. It is also features the world’s largest integrated film city. It has everything: a kid’s park with multiple rides, a bird park where you can see numerous species of exotic birds, an adventure park where you can test the limits of your courage, and multiple themed restaurants. You can even see live film shootings. You could spend the whole day just touring the numerous, massive and fantastic film sets. The park offers various convenient experience packages and combos. Be sure to make use of them. This park draws massive amounts of tourists almost everyday. Please make sure you have made prior reservationsas the flights to Hyderabad from all major cities, including the Delhi Hyderabad flights are usually completely full.

There are many more attractions as such within the city limits, which make Hyderabad a very convenient and comfortable city to spend your summer vacation in. Although do remember, flights from Mumbai, and the Delhi Hyderabad flights will require advance bookings.