The Best US Winter Getaways and ID

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The most preferred season of the year has never been any other than winter. Taking cocoa in small sips close to heat or fire, putting on warm clothes and snuggling under the sheets in addition to sprinkling smaller drops of snow covering your body makes winter season worth the while.

Although, the coldness experienced during this season does not go down well for some people because a lot of individuals crave the heat supplied by the sun which rarely comes by during this season. With any luck, the United States provides gems that never stop beaming of sunbeams and warmness during this period. If you need the perfect gateways for winter, below is a list of the coldest cities during winter as well as the loveliest cozy seasons all together; 

Anchorage, AK

The extraordinary coldness of this city has not in the least sense stopped individuals from visiting it all the time. From October – April, this city is frozen and as such it offers various types of activities. This city with an unknown location has its sushi bars, restaurants, pubs, and pizzerias. Those who have a knack for food can get all they desire in this city, and also have experience culturally through visitations to places like the Alaska Centre where art is performed, the company known as Cyrano’s Theatre and the whole 22 museums located in this awesome place. You can also be involved in outdoor sporting activities like snowboarding, hockey, ice fishing, cross country, and downhill. The one thing that makes this city peculiar is the aurora Borealis (canvas painting of clear colors depicting the sky). You could easily take a flight to the closest airport by getting tickets from after reading reviews.

Kauai, Hawaii

The peculiarity of this island that makes it so overwhelming to its visitors is the fact that you can enjoy its beaches as well as the sun without having to deal with so many people. This island is also spectacular because you can swim, check out the caves in the sea, use breathing tubes by the sea around the finely decorated pretty rainbows and the lush mountains that are greenish.

Concord, NH

This place is reserved for those who view winter season in an adventurous way because it has about 6 locations for skiing and full of activities. For those that are good in cross country or downhill skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling, ice skating, and sledding, Concord is a great place to visit. Also, the snow in this place is about 63 inches so you sure need to cover up properly if you intend to visit there.

New Orleans

This location has the best ratings when it comes to hotel deals as well as interesting activities themed for a festival holiday period during the winter season. This place also passes as an abode for the famous Mardi Gras during this period of the year. This city also offers cyber cafes that would leave you with unforgettable and pleasant memories.


You can visit any of these location during the winter to escape most of the cold, while catching fun all the same.