The Year In Review And Looking Forward to 2022: In a Playlist

THIS contribution to our year in evaluation and 2022 outlook series will come from Stephan Ekbergh, CEO, Travelstart whose responses came to him in songs and so, here’s his playlist for your listening satisfaction. Appreciate (unquestionably a word to embrace in 2022).

Stephan Ekbergh, CEO, Travelstart

Q: Seeking again – one term to explain 2021: War
“WAR” – Edwin Starr
“War, I despise
‘Cause it means destruction of harmless life
War means tears to 1000’s of mother’s eyes
When their sons go off to fight
And eliminate their lives”

Q: 1 word you wish would disappear from the vocabulary:
Vaccine mandates
“Fight the Power” – General public Enemy
“Gotta give us what we want
Our independence of speech is freedom or death
We bought to combat the powers that be
Lemme listen to you say
Combat the power”

Q: A single word you want would be utilized a lot more: Flexibility
“Philadelphia Freedom” – Elton John
Published to rejoice the bravery of the woman tennis player in Billie Jean King’s Philadelphia Independence. They ultimately broke the neck of the US tennis affiliation and paved the way to some diploma for gender equality. But it also talks about the faux peace that will come from under no circumstances talking up.

Q: Seeking forward – one phrase to explain 2022: Think
“Think” – Aretha Franklin
You need to have me (need to have me)
And I want you (do not you know)
Without each other there ain’t absolutely nothing folks can do, oh

Q: Wanting at your facts, how would you explain the start of 2022? “Fixing a Hole” – The Beatles
I’ve acquired to acknowledge it is receiving better (superior)
A tiny superior all the time (it just cannot get no even worse)
I have to confess it’s having better (far better)

Q: What is your intestine, facts and guesswork telling you about how the rest of 2022 will pan out?
“Aint no stopping us now” – McFadden & Whitehead
Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’re on the shift!
Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!
We’ve received the groove!
There is been so a lot of things which is held us down
But now it seems to be like issues are last but not least comin’ around
I know we have obtained, a extended extensive way to go
And where we’ll conclude up, I never know

Q: What’s the one essential detail you’re doing to put together your business for whatsoever lies forward?
“Work Bitch” – Britney Spears
Get the job done hard on all fronts.
Leave no stones unturned.
Continue to keep it going higher, and higher
Hold it relocating larger, and larger and better
Function, work, work, function
Function, function, do the job, work
Get the job done (work), get the job done (work), perform, get the job done

Q: What is the most important opportunity for your business in 2022?
“Run through the jungle” – Creedence Clearwater Revival
To go spots we haven’t been, do things we haven’t done.
Above on the mountain, thunder magic spoke
Allow the folks know my wisdom
Fill the land with smoke
Improved run by way of the jungle

Q:  What element of your career would you like to do a lot more of in 2022?
“Jet Airliner” – Steve Miller band
Go out on the street on a 707 and basically go full throttle.
Goodbye to all my close friends at household
Goodbye to individuals I have trusted
I’ve bought to go out and make my way
I might get prosperous, you know, I could possibly get busted
But my coronary heart keeps contacting me backwards
As I get on the 707
Riding superior, I acquired tears in my eyes
You know you bought to go via hell prior to you get to heaven

Q: On a scale of 1-10, level how optimistic (10 remaining most) how you come to feel about 2022?
“Don’t quit believing” – Journey
Don’t prevent believin’
Maintain on to that feelin’
Streetlight, people
Never stop, believin’

Q: What’s the 1 phrase you’d like to embrace for 2022? 
“Soon and incredibly Soon” – Andrae Crouch
Should there be any rivers we should cross,
Should really there be any mountains we will have to climb,
God will provide all the strength that we need,
Give us grace ’til we attain the other side

Q: What’s the most interesting factor you’ve study or viewed that you may possibly not have normally?
I’ve read up on the environment of hedge funds. Iv’e go through up on the energy of imagining. I have rewritten the story about my personal foreseeable future.

“A transform Is Gonna Come”  – Sam Cooke
It’s been a lengthy
A prolonged time coming
But I know a modify gonna come

Here’s the playlist. Happy listening.

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