Things You Should Know Before You Travel to India

It is important to remember that India is a vast country that features a fantastic culture that is unique in its own. It is filled with historical landmarks, beautiful architecture, and colors that you have never seen before.

At the same time, a combination of unique traditions will provide you overwhelming perspective on your surroundings. We recommend you to visit official website because in there you will learn more about how to get along with India as a novice traveler.

In this particular article, you will see astonishing facts that you should know before you embark on a journey to this beautiful country.

  1. The Traffic Is Completely Different

If you can imagine the chaos, you are still not there to understand how traffic in India functions. Remember all those movies you have seen in which cars are going everywhere without following lanes.

The situation is the same in other places and towns as well. You will see plenty of traffic and drivers tend to indicate that they are turning by honking, so prepare your ears.

You have to be a highly skilled driver to understand how they function, and even then, you may have to improvise on some roads.

2. Food Is Amazing

India’s cuisine is tasty but it is no ordinary, which makes it even more exciting to try when you visit their country. They put a generous amount of spices on their food. Just like any cuisine that you are not used to, it is always better to consume cautiously especially if it is your first time, just to be on the safe side of not getting your stomach upset.

Of course, we recommend you to try different dishes at each place that you reach, especially since India comes with plenty of different perspectives that will help you along the way.

However, you should also not forget that food is one of the main things that are important for most tourists, and without trying their cuisine, you will miss a whole lot.

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3. Be Careful

The main idea that you should remember is that you’re entering a whole different culture, which means that you should think everything through.

Since India is a conservative country, it is better that women not to wear clothes that shows too much skin. Even if the weather there is generally warm, you can wear comfortable types of clothing to keep you cool such as cotton shirts, leggings and long cotton skirts for women, a good pair of walking shorts or a jeans for men, and of course a comfortable but sturdy footwear is a must.

4. Bargaining Is Mandatory

Even if you are foreigner, you have to accept local customs and one of the most common and essential is to bargain, which is the regular part of buying.

Of course, you should know that you can buy things without doing anything, but the culture dictates the idea that you should reduce the price in general. When you enter the regular store, you won’t be able to do it, which means that bargaining is limited only for street merchants.  

However, when you start bargaining, you are creating a common place between sellers and yourself, which will end up with friendly smiles and more money inside your pockets.

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5. Be Cautious

The cultural perspective of India is entirely different than the Western world, and since changes may seem challenging to accept at first, India is a beautiful country that will remain in your thoughts for years after visiting.

You should comfortably wear a mask or something to cover your face, and even though that is not something familiar in western cities, most people in India are protecting themselves by using these ways.

At the same time, you should carry makeup remover, because in some areas pollution is common and it can quickly enter your skin and cause acne and breakouts that may happen especially if you have a skin that is sensitive to breakouts. Try to clean your face as much as possible.

We also recommend that you should check things that surround you always, because historical landmarks in India are commonplaces and in some cases, you won’t notice a sign that will represent you a specific figure of importance.

6. Dress Casually

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In some places and areas across India, you have to cover up if you wish to be polite for everyone around you. Since it is an entirely different culture, you have to follow and understand their values.

As a foreigner, it is useless to present your culture in such areas, which means that you have to respect regulations and rules, especially if you are visiting tourist spot and shrines. Check online for dress codes and ask people around before you decide to go.

7. Different Cultures Across India

Most people think that Hindi is the only language that people are speaking in India. However, that is not the case, because you can find Punjabi, Tamil, Kashmiri and many more.

For instance, North Indians dress and look differently than South Indians, and that is something you should remember. Every single area of India is different, from fantastic architecture in Agra to beautiful beaches in Kerala and Goa.

Cultures are also different, which means that if you have used to one part of India, get ready to start from the very beginning when you reach another area.

Of course, you will be able to understand it on the example of USA, since the mentality and cultures are different in Northern and Southern parts, similarly as in India too.

Therefore, you have to check everything out before you embark on a journey because that way, you will reduce the hassle that will happen after noticing things right there. Whatever you decide, India is a beautiful country that you have to visit once in a lifetime.

It is as simple as that.