Top Ten Places to See in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a pictorial green place in a heavenly corner of Maharashtra. It offers a charming escape to the city dwellers and is loved for its multiple attractions. When you are in Mahabaleshwar, you can expect to gorge on the beauty of lakes, mountains and viewpoints.

Here are the top ten places you must see in Mahabaleshwar:

i. Venna Lake: Venna Lake is an artificial lake which is best known for its panoramic beauty and its boating facility. It is a top tourist attraction and included in best Mahabaleshwar tour packages.
ii. Mahabaleshwar Temple: At this temple devoted to Lord Shiva, one can get a slice of religion. It is another attraction you must check out.
iii. Arthur’s Seat: Arthur’s Seat is that daunting viewpoint which will make you gulp in fear! This point offers a hypnotic view of the mountains and is easily the best attraction for many. Make sure to carry your camera while visiting this site.
iv. Torna Fort: Torna Fort is another place where tourists flock in order to take a glimpse of history. Shivaji had conquered this fort in 1643 and this sturdy-looking landmark does offer some warm nostalgia. One can also hike or trek around this region.
v. Krishna Temple: Even though this temple is slightly isolated, it is often flaunted on the postcards of Mahabaleshwar tourism guide. Apart from being beautiful in design, it is also laced with some legendary tales.
vi. Kate’s Point: Kate’s Point, at an altitude of nearly 1300 m, is another viewpoint where you must not go if you have vertigo. It offers a thrilling view of the open mountains and can so easily make your hairs go up.
vii. Krishna River: Krishna River is one of the most impressive rivers of the state and has plenty to offer to a tourist. Its beauty, when observed from a hilltop, surely would make you mesmerized.
viii. Wilson Point: At 1439 m, Wilson Point is the highest viewpoint offered by the town. If you are a photographer or if you love to gaze at sunsets and sunrises, then you must climb over to this place during the dawn or twilight hours.
ix. Rajgarh Fort: Cheap Mahabaleshwar tour packages also include a trip to Rajgarh Fort. Its unique design and imposing presence definitely deserve more footfall than it gets.
x. Baghdad Point: Baghdad Point is slightly different from the viewpoints mentioned earlier. From this site, you can enjoy the view of the state’s backwaters. Mahabaleshwar tourism witnesses a great influx of tourists to this corner since it gives you a clear view of the Koyna Dam.

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