Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion
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Reviewing & Promoting Travel Books For Authors

I’ve recently added a new segment to my Travel Blog which I’m quite excited about. As an avid 👀 reader for many years, I now enjoy completing 📚Travel Book Reviews & Promotion for published authors.

But not just 📚 Travel Books!

I enjoy reading and reviewing books on Health & Wellness, along with non-fiction publications.

It’s been a great way to 💺 armchair travel during these difficult times the world is experiencing. It also allows me to continue my passion of 📝 writing on my blog, keeping it fresh and up to date.

A wonderful way to work with authors and publishers around the 🌎 world!

Self Published Authors

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

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If you are a self published author and have a travel, health, wellness, fitness or a nonfiction publication to promote, I would be happy to take a look at what you have to offer!

My primary focus is on the 👵 Millions of Baby Boomers Around the World, who enjoy travel and living an active, healthy lifestyle.

As well, I now make personal suggestions on related publications to all my followers, who love to read like me. 🙂

Book Publishers

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

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I also invite established book publishers worldwide, who have publications from their list of authors in my selected categories.

I would be delighted to receive, review and promote your publications here on my travel blog, and throughout all major social media platforms.

My Commitment To Authors & Publishers

Travel Book Reviews & Promotion
I have put together a brief article here on ✨ Partner With Gr8 Travel Tips.

This post outlines exactly what I will do for you, in return for a hard copy of your publication. You can also find my updated 📄 Media Kit as well on this page.

Gr8 Travel Tips Brand Logo

In brief, I will provide you with;

☞   A Full Page Pictorial Feature – Displayed Permanently On My Travel Blog;

☞   Your Business Brand / Logo Displayed On Home Page Carousel;

☞   Your Feature & Photos Shared On Major Social Media Platforms Regularly;

☞   Free to Use & Share My Review At Your Discretion;

☞   Random Inclusion In Gr8 Travel Tips Email Newsletter.

☞   Included In My Travel Products – Reviews – Recommendations Post.

☞   A goodreads Book Review Inclusion.

Active Social Media Accounts

Updated October 2022 – Audience Reach Followers

🌴   Facebook: 10,216

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Contact Gr8 Travel Tips – For Travel Book Reviews & Promotion

Contact Robert at Gr8 Travel Tips
If this may be of interest to you, I welcome you to contact me at any time.

Just head over to my
🕵 Contact Robert Page where you can forward an 📧 email to me at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from and working with all self published authors and publishers alike!

Be sure to check out my most recent book reviews I was delighted to be contacted to review and promote.  You can see samples of these latest reviews in the links provided below.

😎 Safe and Healthy Travels!

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