What does diversity mean? – Think with Google


Tara McKenty: Variety is fundamentally variety of perspectives and big difference.


You really don’t always need to have inherent


So what you are born with you can also deliver acquired variety, which is something that


form of modifications your standpoint of the entire world.


Mike Warner: I have a idea of variety that is really simplistic.


When I was a kid, I used to like to colour, and there would be a box of crayons that had


But then, there was one that 16, and, oh boy, there was a 32.


And really don’t enable me get to that 128.


I was like, oh, I’m likely to be a learn artist.


Why wouldn’t you want the 128?


It provides you far more option to make a larger tapestry, a larger picture, a larger tale.


Andrea Diquez: I consider variety: every person goes to race sometimes, and it is not only


race — it is ladies with babies, it is single mothers, it is ladies of colour.

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It is adult males, adult males from other countries, other cultures.

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You just have to determine out how to make the ecosystem for all people to thrive, from


where ever they are from, or from no matter what race they are from, or where ever they are.


If you make that ecosystem, it is very uncomplicated.


Kimberlee Wells: Variety for me, pretty basically, is about identifying the distinctions.


We are so rapid to choose, but we are only ever judging the include.


And that has to transform.


An executive shot of five adult males would get ridiculed by the field.


But what if all those five adult males have completely different tales?


What if one male was really a 3rd-generation Afghan refugee.


What if, in that picture, there is a further male that has a discovering incapacity?


But just since he appears to be like the male that is next to him, they are regarded to all


See the man or woman, not the label, and just take time to hear to the man or woman and to get to know

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Tara McKenty: Effectively what we do is we make inventive do the job, solutions, and platforms


for a cross part of culture, but we have a homogenous inventive departments that are not

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reflective of our audiences.


We ought to fundamentally have inventive departments that are reflective of the same audiences


that we are building for.