WiT Podcast – Episode 28: Dear 2020 (Letters From Friends), Part 1

Increase your
hand, any individual who’s not satisfied to see the back of 2020. What a calendar year.

We thought
lengthy and tricky about how to mark this year end – have a thing tangible to
try to remember it by, so that say in 5 years from now, we could search again and
don’t forget what it was like.

Have a time capsule of sorts.

So we achieved out and questioned some of you to write your “Dear 2020” letter – what would you say to it? How would you want to keep in mind it?

Here’s the first selection. Have a hear at your leisure as we depend down the days to 2021.

Thank you to our letter writers for this episode.

  • Timothy Hughes
  • Lorraine Sileo
  • Timothy O’Neil-Dunne
  • Elizabeth Wealthy
  • Tao Tao
  • Stephan Ekbergh
  • Greg Schulze
  • Wendi Koh