Wreck Diving to Boost Tourism in Greece

Greece strategies to supply wreck diving activities to the holidaymakers in an effort and hard work to strengthen tourism, declared Greek Tourism Minister, Harry Theocharis. Diving in old sunken ships has been hugely popular close to the Mediterranean region and now it is also aspect of the Greek tactic to improve tourism revenues by 10% in 2020.

The minister discussed that guidelines allowing the creation of underwater diving parks are at the moment getting talked about. The nation strategies to grant obtain to shipwrecks sunk much more than fifty yrs ago, which had been not obtainable for diving right up until now. Mr. Theocharis reported that a invoice will be presented up coming thirty day period to open up the stays of ships sunk concerning 1860 and 1970.

Greece, which has just appear out of a decade of the monetary crisis, relies intensely on tourism to strengthen economic expansion and employment. Tourism accounts for twenty five% of the GPD and employs 20% of Greek labor.

Tourism revenues in Greece by now amplified by 12% in 2019, going from 16 to 18.one billion euros a year, however, the nation expects to improve arrivals by at minimum 5%, surpassing the 31 million guests in 2019, and setting the forecast to 32.5 million guests for 2020. The wreck diving opportunity is anticipated to even more strengthen tourism in the nation.

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